Jung Il Woo tweets to remind all that he’s yummylicious


As if we all really needed another reminder, right?

Sigggghhh. This is one of those days that I really wished that I made Jung Il Woo MINE years before he became famous. Now he’s public property, so if I come within a ten-foot pole, them fangirls will come a’running.

This photo still comes from an obligatory and all too necessary scene that Jung just shot for Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. He adds that fans will have to wait patiently for more come Monday, when the show airs on cable network tvN. To those who have missed seeing him topless — or (are dirty-minded people like me) who enjoy seeing nekkid eye-candy — y’all can be reassured that there will be some abs featured on the show in the near future.

I’ve only been following the drama through the recaps  over at Dramabeans, and based on the recaps alone, FBRS seems to be  just pure fluffy entertainment that’s fun to read, but not necessarily something I would want to spend my time watching. But I don’t know now. After seeing the above still, I just might tune in to watch the upcoming episode on Monday. Just maybe.

Here’s another photo he added in another tweet:

Photo Source: Jung Il Woo’s twitter


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