Sung Yuri poses for Beauty+

Actress Sung Yuri (Romance Town), who I sometimes mistake as Park Min Young because they could easily be each other’s doppelgangers,  recently took part in a photo shoot for Beauty+ magazine. While the stills alone aren’t interesting enough to garner interest, I missed seeing her featured on my bloggy to want to write something about it. For those of you who don’t remember, DBJ was flooded with Sung Yuri news during the months of May and June because she was starring alongside Jung Kyeo Woon in the drama, Romance Town.

(And for those of you who were wondering, I still haven’t finished it. Long story short, it lost its crackiness when I took a break from it and flew to Taiwan over the summer. Even the allure of Jung Kyeo Woon didn’t help. But don’t fret, I hope to finish the remaining episodes I have left before the end of the year.)

Although the shoot took place early in the morning, Sung Yuri didn’t complain and was rather comfortable on set. The entire staff and crew were happy to note that she was charismatic in front of the camera, and was energized and engaged throughout the morning. I do like the soft, effortless look she’s portraying, as if it doesn’t take much to look beautiful so early in the morning.

I guess it comes with the genes.

Photo and News Source: Naver


3 thoughts on “Sung Yuri poses for Beauty+

  1. Wow I totally admire sung yuri beauty without any effort at all. I love her e most among other Korean actresses. For her age, she still look great, beautiful, cute, sweet, sexy and friendly. She does not age at all, she still look as young as her Fink’l days. I have to say sung yuri is my no. 1 most beautiful lady, follow with up no.2 most beautiful lady, han ga in.

    I especially love her most acted in snow queen, she awesome, totally fall head over heel with her.

    • Yeah, I’m pretty jealous of her seemingly flawless skin. She’s not quite that old to have to worry about keeping her skin healthy, although she’s probably given a lot of skincare products from participating in these shoots.

  2. YuRi Sung is a rare beauty and talent too. She’s got the most beautiful smile that would melt everyone hearts. Her beautiful personality makes her shines forever. That one day she will be on the front cover on every magazine in the world bcuz she delivers. Just love her cuz she is YuRi Sung.

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