Wong Fu releases BTS making of Still In Love With You

I can’t recall the last time I watched such a detailed BTS for a music video. Wong Fu Productions released a two-part video that documents their step-by-step process of pre-production planning, as well as actually shooting Wang Leehom‘s MV for his song, “Still In Love With You.” I love that we get to access what was going on prior to the shoot, during it, and afterwards. What was the most interesting part for me to watch was seeing the thought and effort that Wes and Phil put behind everything — from the props to the outfits of the characters, and from the location settings to the layout of the video.

Another thing that I loved about watching these two videos is that we don’t just see all the glitz and glamour of filming a MV for an international popstar, but the pressures and time-consuming processes that goes into each shot. Each video is about fifteen to seventeen minutes in length, so the fans really get to see snapshots of their six-day adventure for this project from start to finish. Watching this video being filmed in Taiwan brought back waves of nostalgia, for I do love Taiwan very much.

Before I close, here’s a random question for the day: Isn’t the house that they scouted for filming (but later rejected) the same house as the one used for The Fierce Wife? I swear it’s the same one, unless my eyes deceive me.

In case the embedded videos don’t work, I’m also attaching links below and including an impromptu interview that the boys had with Leehom after filming was all over.

Interview with Wang Leehom


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