Adorable stills from upcoming drama Padam Padam

Yay! Some goodies from Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats to share! This is possibly the drama I’ve been the most excited about all year, with the exception of What’s Up (starring Lim Ju Hwan aka Park Kyu), which is also slated for a December premiere. Here are two reasons why: Noh Hee Kyung and Kim Bum. Noh Hee Kyung is one of my favorite scriptwriters in dramaland and Kim Bum just looks so mature and different from his Boys Over Flowers days that I just want to see him act. Like right now! (Not a fan of the weight loss, but I’m hoping it’s just temporary. Dude, I want those squishable cheeks back when this drama finishes filming, you hear me?) 

I hadn’t blogged about Padam Padam when news first came out about it because I didn’t even know if it would get picked up by one of the major television networks — and sadly, it didn’t. Their loss. But luckily for the cast and crew, cable network jTBC has granted the drama a time slot on its channel. So yay! Having filmed for about two months with still a month left before its premiere, Padam Padam has gotten a lot of episodes pre-produced, which gives the cast and crew some breathing room. It’s nice that they won’t have to suffer from the perils of the live-shoot system and I only hope that with the extra time they have left, they’ll continue to get as many episodes finished and edited so that they won’t end up trying hustling at the last-minute right before the episode is set to broadcast, which is the many case for so many other dramas out there. I digress.

The above shots are from Han Ji Min’s surprise birthday party on set from six days ago. Jung Woo Sung and Kim Bum got her a cake and a package that included heating pads and vitamins. The guys were thoughtful in preparing these gifts for her, which made Han feel really blessed and grateful. I just love all their facial expressions, especially seeing Han Ji Min wear the celebratory birthday cone with cake frosting smeared on her face. Oh, and Jung Woo Sung’s fake I-wanna-stab-the-birthday-girl with the knife is hilarious! These photos absolutely adorable and it looks like they’re all having so much fun on set.

Below are more stills from the scenes in the upcoming drama. My favorite is the one with Han Ji Min and a calf, since she plays a veterinarian. So. Cute!

To read about the character descriptions on Dramabeans, click here.


News Sources: Naver, TVDaily, Soompi


2 thoughts on “Adorable stills from upcoming drama Padam Padam

  1. Han Ji Min is so lovely. Watching Padam Padam just for her and script.

    And ain’t she one of the luckiest actresses around? She’s worked with the hottest lots ever – Uhm Tae Woong, Kim Jae Won, Kang Ji Hwan, So Ji Sub, Kim Myung Min, and now Jung Woo Sung? Not every actress has that kind of luck. hehe.. but I love her all the same. 🙂

    • I knowwwww. It’s almost kinda ridiculous just how lucky she is in snagging hot actors to work with. I don’t care so much about Jung Woo Sung but Kang Ji Hwan & So Ji Sub? Ahhh, I wants!

      The drama gods must be on her side. Some girls just have all the luck in this world.

      I actually enjoyed watching her in Cain and Abel, although that drama went pretty insane from the get-go. She just has this lovely and sweet onscreen persona that I adore. But while I like her, I’m really much more interested in Kim Bum than anything else. Can’t wait to see him break out of his “nice guy” image from BOF! (I didn’t watch The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry, but have heard a lot of good things about it and it’s a drama where he probably already broke out of his previous image.)

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