Eugene drops Color of Woman

It was announced only a week ago that Eugene would be making her first comeback to the small screen after getting married in a new cable drama, Color of Woman, but the actress has announced that she will be dropping the drama in light of her sister’s severe car accident in Guam. Her sister, Kim Yoo Kyung, suffered multiple bruises and a fractured spine after getting hit in her parked car that rolled down a stop on a hill. Yikes. That was a mouthful.

The actress was in great shock when she heard the news, and after much deliberation with the drama’s production team, she decided to drop the drama in order to support her sister so that she could quickly recovery from the accident. She made this decision knowing that she wouldn’t be able to concentrate on filming for the drama with her sister in the hospital.

I’m sure that we’ll all be keeping Eugene and her sister in our thoughts and prayers so that both sisters can recover from this traumatic experience. It will probably be months before we can see Eugene back on the small screen, but it’s nice to hear that she’s putting her career aside to put her family first. Fighting, Eugene and Kim Yoo Kyung!

News Sources: Naver, allkpop, and Soompi


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