Mirror, mirror on the wall, which Snow White shall win the brawl?

I was watching T.V the other day and was surprised to come across two movie trailers that are based off of the same fairy tale story. Although both movies are set to be released later in 2012, that’s where the similarities end. Just from the trailers, it’s apparent that the two contain different plot twists and emit contrasting semblances.

First up is Snow White and the Huntsman, an action-adventure flick where Kirsten Stewart plays Snow White, the only woman in the land that’s more beautiful than the evil queen. Charlize Theron is casted as the evil queen who sets out to destroy Snow White and restore her title as the fairest in the land, but never imagines that the huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) she orders to kill Snow White  is the same man who trained the young woman in war. Joining them will be Sam Claflin, the prince who has long fell head over heels in love by Snow White’s beauty.

I like how dark and mysterious the trailer looks, because dayum, it looks good. I mean, it seems like it’s going to be an epic journey with an almost-perfect cast. And I’m so excited to see Charlize play the big bad queen and Chris Hemsworth as the huntsman. I didn’t enjoy Chris that much in Thor, but he’s got potential. Plus on a shallow note, he’s pretty hot. On the other hand, I’m not too excited about Kirsten Stewart as Snow White, but it’s time that she breaks out of her Twilight role and venture onto something else. Do I think she’s fairer than Charlize? Heck no. But we’ll see if she can show the world that she’s got some acting chops up her sleeves. Check out the trailer and posters below. The movie’s set out to be released June 1st of next year.


In contrast to Snow White and the Huntsman, Mirror Mirror is a romantic-comedy and action adventure. Just watch the trailer, which makes it all the more obvious from the get-go that it won’t be a weepy film, but one chalk full of humor. Our evil queen is played by Julia Roberts, who is not only one of the best comedic actresses in Hollywood, but also one of the best actresses ever. Period. She’ll be up against Lily Collins in the love department, where Collins plays Snow White, an exiled princess as she leads a revolution to regain back her kingdom against the queen with the help of her friends aka the dwarves. The prince will be played by Armie Hammer. Mirror Mirror will hit movie theaters on March 16, 2012,  about three months ahead of SWatH.

Can I just say how exquisite and richly ornate everything looks on set. Oh God, just look at the dresses, too! Is it weird that I actually want to try one on, even if that corset looks like it would end up giving me bruises after an hour? I also like this trailer too, and from what I’ve seen of it, Julia Roberts is HILARIOUS. And she’s so witty, which I love!

I look forward to both Snow White movies next year, though I admit I find SWatH a little bit more intriguing because the trailer makes it look so badass. You never know, both just might end up to be entertaining, awesome and a box office hit.


12 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror on the wall, which Snow White shall win the brawl?

  1. Wow, I had not heard of Mirror, Mirror before, but the trailer looks very witty and fun! I think I’ll have to wait and hear the verdict on Kristen Stewart before I watch SWaTH though.. Hopefully everything will turn out well 🙂

  2. I love the Mirror Mirror trailer! Can’t wait to see JR take on the evil queen with her trademark sense of humor, I already laughed quite a bit watching her battle “wits” against her vanity haha..

    • Isn’t she great? She immediately brought a smile to my face when she started cracking jokes. Like when the Prince said that Snow White was the fairest in the land, she was all, “Let’s agree to disagree.” HEEHEE. Let the funnies commence!

  3. You..don’t like Chris Hemsworth..?
    Kirsten Stewart is definitely not prettier than the queen. >.< But whatevs. Haha I saw this trailer a couple days ago, and it does look epic.
    As for the other one, it looks really cute! And funny. They both have potential in their own way.

    • No, I don’t really like Chris Hemsworth. Why, do you? I think he’s hot but he wasn’t that spectacular in Thor, but then again, that movie was pretty ho-hum/bland for me. It was all glitz but no heart.

  4. I have to say, I like the idea of a kick-butt Snow White instead of your usual fainting damsel in distress who “whistles while [she] works”. Don’t even get me started on how bad I hate the Disney version of Snow White. But then again, Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen is going to be pretty awesome. If they end up making that movie into some kind of snarky satire, I will kiss the screenwriters.

    • LOL. I think Mirror Mirror will end up to be a snarky satire full of wit so I’ll be waiting with a camera for when you fulfill your vow of kissing the scriptwriters.

      But really, Charlize Theron or Julia Roberts? Both are awesome-sauce in terms of acting. My biggest concern is that Mirror Mirror will be full slapstick humor that’s too OTT for me, whereas I don’t really know how SWatH can go wrong unless the acting (from Stewart) sucks real bad. I’m just hoping that Charlize Theron will be amazing enough to overshadow Stewart if the Twilight star sucks.

  5. I dunno if you heard about it but there’s a new show from ABC called Once Upon A Time and they do the Snow White story the first 3 episodes and it’s the “dark”version (the theatrics are not as awesome as this movie but if you can get over that then I think you’d really enjoy the story..esp after the pilot episode, it gets more interesting)…I really liked the twist so when I heard of this movie I was excited…then I heard it was Kristen Stewart and I got less excited lol…. as much as I like Charlize Theron, I’ll prob wait for the dvd/tv on that one…

    so my vote’s for the Julia Roberts one– it looks hilarious!! I wonder why everyone’s in a Snow White craze all of a sudden? what Cinderella’s too over done? lol just kidding

    • Yes, I did hear about ABC’s “Once Upon A Time” series but I just don’t have enough time in a day to watch it. I’m glad you really enjoy it, though! I also agree that it seems as if there’s a new trend of twists on beloved fairy tale stories. Hmm, I wonder why. But perhaps it is as you say — it’s because Cinderella’s been adapted too many times so they need a new fairy tale to pick on and make millions off of!

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