Jang Geun Seok talks about acting and his current projects with 10Asia

Pfft, long hair? That was so last year. Say goodbye to the ol’ hairdo and hello to the new!

Awww, looks like Jang Geun Seok finally put a little bit more meat back on his bones and cut off his dreadful locks he had going on for a few months last year. It was such a shame that I hated Mary Stayed Out All Night/Marry Me, Mary, though I wanted to like it and had been excited about it until I watched the first episode. Too bad that awful show plunged off a cliff and died somewhere from the very beginning. And it had so much potential too, but the writers were on crack.

Jang Geun Seok’s latest film project, You’re My Pet, was released in theaters last week. His character’s name is In Ho, a once up-and-coming ballet dancer whose dreams were shattered when he accidentally dropped his dancing partner during a lift. He no longer dances and instead, wants to become a musical dance choreographer. His friend offers to introduce him to his sister and offers to help him coax his sister into letting him stay temporarily at her house. Enter in Eun Yi (Kim Ha Neul), the older sister of In Ho’s good friend. She’s not too keen on letting In Ho stay at her place, but after finding him shivering in a box outside her house on a rainy night, she decides that he looks like her former dog, Momo. From that day on, In Ho becomes her “pet” and romance ensues.

During this interview, Jang Geun Seok talks about how he really enjoyed filming for You’re My Pet and how he had fun in front of the camera. He was initially skeptical about the script because he wanted to make the fantasies in the movie realistic enough on camera. Then he goes to talk about how he personally chooses projects to better himself because he wants to be recognized as a good actor. Though he’s popular now, he feels that he’s gaining more recognition as an entertainer rather than someone who’s known for his acting in projects.

Also, it’s important to him that he isn’t bound to a specific character type or be defined by a particular image; he looks for challenging roles that’s fun. Sure, he could probably stick to idol dramas, but he wants to tackle other types of projects that will broaden his acting range. He mentions Yoo Ah In as one of those actors that continues to play different types of characters, and also adds that he hopes up-and-coming Kim Soo Hyun will surpass him so that it motivates him to work even harder.

It’s interesting that he mentions he doesn’t want to stick to one type of character, for I find that over the past few years, he’s been playing the same roles repeatedly, only with a few tweaks here and there. (See Beethoven’s Virus, You’re Beautiful, & Mary Stayed Out All Night.) He mentions in the interview that perhaps one day he’ll play a vampire or a murderer and that’s something I would VERY much like to see. I want him to do something darker that’s not a rom-com, because that’s pretty much all he’s been doing for the past few years. I still feel like he’s still sticking to the cute and fluffy roles and I want him to do something meatier.

I want him to play something better than Hwang Jini or Hong Gil Dong. Maybe a good melodrama or a revenge thriller. Oh wait, the irony — his next project is a melodrama! But it looks like it’s going to be weepy in a bad way. Sigh.

Uhhh, well now I guess it’s up to the drama gods to knock it out of the ballpark. *knocks on wood*

[Click here to read the full interview: Part I, Part II]


News and Photos Source: 10Asia


10 thoughts on “Jang Geun Seok talks about acting and his current projects with 10Asia

      • Yeah..I dunno. Haha btw I forgot to say earlier, but my family friend [the one I’m living with]’s daughter is obsessed with the Mary drama or whatever. She has a poster on her wall of it. And she’s obsessed with JGS too..

        • For some unknown reason, Mary Stayed Out All Night was pretty popular overseas. But it was SO bad. They switched writers in the middle of the drama because there was production drama with the original writer, and then the second writer made the drama EVEN worse. It was ridiculous! I digress.

          Hahaha but if she likes him, she likes him. I’m just no longer a huge JGS fangirl because to be honest, *whispers* he’s kind of overrated. It’s only because of YAB that I had loved him so much in the first place, but he needs to do something more in his career or else my interest in him will turn into dust, so to speak.

  1. Is JGS really JGS with short hair? lol. You make a great point about him playing the same type of roles over and over again. He’s really great at what he does, but he’s done three rom-com musicians in a row, another fluffy rom-com movie, and he’s now in a melodrama with Yoona. *sigh* He needs a role that will really showcase his talent and charisma; in fact, I think he’s as good as Yoo Ah In and Kim Soo Hyun, only with worse taste in choosing roles. The only project of his that I really loved was You’re Beautiful, but I’ll admit he hasn’t progressed much since then.

    • Haha I guess we’ve all been so used to the wacky, long ‘do for the past year that it’s weird to see him without it. But it looks as if he’s still very fond of fur and leopard prints!

      I totally agree that he needs to choose a good project next, for I find that he has a lot of potential but has been completely wasting it on crappy dramas. Until he expands his acting, he’ll forever be stuck within his own personal bubble, with no room for growth.

  2. o wow, he looks good! It’s been a while since I’ve found myself attracted to JGS again….and yes I totally want to see him tackle something darker…he’s already done a murder (or rather a convict ) in Itaewon Murder Case….I really want him to do somehting like that again…..but I feel like it’s not the same character that he’s been doing over and over again lately …I mean free-spirited Moo Kyul was nothing like Hwang Tae Kyung …..but it’s the same kind of dramas with pretty much the same aspirations…I want him to want to be “serious actor” Jang Geun Suk rather than “popular actor” Jan Geun Suk, even if it is going to cost the fangirl in me….and that’s why I wont say that I’m very happy with his latest melodrama choice either….it looks to me like they really want it to be the next Winter Sonata, whether it’s the story or the stars or the market they are targeting…I would really hate to see JGS become the next Yonsama when he could be the next Song Kang Ho or Kim Myung Min instead…btw I saw his cameo in the Japanese YAB remake and nearly fell of my chair laughing when they called him “Geunsama”….funny thing though, even with the hair in a pony and the guyliner, he looked more manly than the other actors in the show

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