Joo Ji Hoon picks his comeback project after the military

Whoa. I can still remember the day when Joo Ji Hoon (Goong, Devil) headed off for military service and you’re telling me that he’s finishing up his national duties next week? Crazy.

Earlier this year, he signed with Bae Yong Joon’s management company, KeyEast entertainment, joining other top stars such as Im Soo Jung and Kim Hyun Joong. He’s already chosen his next project, a musical adaptation of a 1957 novel titled “Doctor Zhivago.” He’ll be playing the lead, Yuri Zhivago, the doctor and poet whose life is affected by World War I, the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the Russian Civil War. Despite the chaos at the time, romance develops between Yuri and a woman named Lara.

It’s nice that Joo Ji Hoon is returning to acting after almost a three year hiatus since his drug indictment. Looks like the military did him some good and that he was able to rebuild his public image there, paying penance for his crime while serving his country. He plans to go straight to work after he’s discharged from the military, which takes place on Monday, November 21st. Fans will also get a chance to see him during his fan meeting on November 27th.

So although he won’t be making a comeback to the small screens just yet, at least he’ll be improving through acting on stage in front of a live audience. Welcome back, Joo Ji Hoon!

News and Photos Sources: 10Asia and Newsway


4 thoughts on “Joo Ji Hoon picks his comeback project after the military

  1. Joo Ji Hoon is back!! OMG, I just sat and gaped for several seconds there. Hard to believe he’s back to work already. While he’s been gone I’ve (without really meaning to) watched all of his works and was really impressed by how much he’s improved. Definitely going to check out his comeback drama, which has a really interesting setting.

    • yes please, make another drama and movies with yoon eun hye. you’re a very good actor so keep it up! all your fans all over the world will support you forever!

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