The smirkiest of them all

I used to think that Jang Geun Seok‘s smirks from You’re Beautiful were the smirks to end all smirks, the kind that gives you a heart attack because it’s just amazingly perfect, cute, and so dead-on.

But then I started watching Time Between Dog and Wolf and ladies, welcome to hottie heaven. Because oh my God is Lee Jun Ki HAWT! And the dude knows it. Whereas Jang Geun Seok’s smirks felt more contrived and overused later on in YAB, Lee Jun Ki’s are natural and original, charming and sexy, and above all else, never hackneyed.

Are you talking about me? YESHHHH! I hereby present to you some of Jun Ki’s smirks and smiles from TBDAW.

The come-at-me-if-you-dare-biatch smirk

The heh-I-can’t-believe-I-did-that smile

The whatchoo-smoking-I-don’t-get-you smirk

The aww-I-feel-bad-I’m-prettier-than-you smirk

The come-hither smile

The rest are just photos of Jun Ki being happy, which had me rolling on the floor all giggly.

But I have to be honest — sometimes between him and Jung Kyung Ho, I don’t know who to choose, smile-wise. Both have the most adorable smiles EVER!

What do you mean you can’t choose between me and Jung Kyung Ho?  Make up your mind, woman!

All screencaps taken by endodo4ever. Other photos are from TBDAW’s official website.


5 thoughts on “The smirkiest of them all

    • LOL. You better not when I haven’t even finished it! I’m only up on episode 9 so I still got a little less than half of the series to go. It’s kinda crazy for me to realize that I only have about two weeks left of school and then it’s break time. Totally crazies!

      I do love Jun Ki in TBDAW, though there are some logic loopholes within the drama that I’m overlooking right now. Can’t let reality get in the way of my drama watching! ^^”

  1. Oh gosh that first picture was creepy.. I was reminded momentarily of the creepiness of Story of a Man. xp I think it’s because his eyes are so small. Hahaha.

    • Whaaaaaaat? You think Jun Ki’s creepy? T___T Heh, were you referring to Kim Kang Woo (Chae Do Woo) from SoaM? ‘Cause yeah, he’s a creep, but the kind that gives me goosebumps because he’s so dark and evil.

      …His eyes are small because he didn’t get plastic surgery! Hahaha. And it makes him more unique!

  2. Heee Jun Ki’s come-hither-looks are the best but….. JUNG! KYUNG! HO! Come back soooooon ~ !!

    You could have warned me of the gorgeous picspam them. I barely made it off the ground from flailing too much from the hotness. LOL

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