YouTube Highlight of the Day: Nyan Cat – Violin Version

It’s rainy and gloomy outside where I’m at today. This means lots of hot chocolate and snuggling in bed, which is perfectly fine by me! It’s also a good time for me to relax and forget about all the crap I have to get done and just surf the web, especially YouTube. Earlier this year, I had posted a YouTube video about this annoying little cat riding on a poptart in space. I recently discovered a violin version and I think it’s awesome — and less annoying. It’s really not so much about the song as it is about who’s playing it.

The violinist’s name is Josh Chiu, but he goes by joshi3jo on YouTube. I think he’s fabulous as a violinist and wanted to share just some of his works!  

Nyan Cat: Violin version

I’m going to include his latest video as well, which is a cover of the theme song for Howl’s Moving Castle.

And here’s another because I just can’t get enough of these instrumental covers:

Naruto — Grief and Sorrow on Violin and Piano

What do you guys listen to on a rainy day? Please share!


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