Korean remake of Proposal Daisakusen casts Yoo Seung Ho as lead

Edit 11/22/2011: It seems as if there’s still a lot of people reading this post so I just wanted to update y’all. There are currently other news outlets saying that his casting confirmation has not yet been decided. Still, it seems as if he is considering the role among other projects. More to come later. If it does turn out that his casting confirmation was just a rumor, I will write up another blog post about it.

If there is one up-and-coming actor to watch out for, it’s Yoo Seung Ho, who’s recently making his way into more mature roles for the small screen. To be honest, I don’t even know if it’s proper for me to include him in the list of up-and-comers, for ever since starring in Flames of Ambition, I feel like he’s emerging as a more prominent, serious actor. Or at least trying to rid himself of his title as the “Nation’s Younger Brother.”

He even decided not to pursue any further in his college education a few months ago, but to focus on his acting career instead. So personally, I’d put him in the transition stage between up-and-coming actor and an established Korean actor, even though most people still consider him to be part of the former group, just ’cause he’s still young. Something like that. Now I don’t know what I’m saying and am all confuzzled.

After wrapping up Warrior Baek Dong Soo last month, he’ll be returning next year in a Korean adaptation of a Japanese drama titled “Proposal Daisakusen,” otherwise known as “Operation Love.” There have been no other news as to who will be the lucky lady that will star besides him in this romantic comedy. (Oooh, pick me, pick me!)  He’ll be playing the same role that Yamapi played back in 2007, the Korean version of Iwase Ken.

The story goes that Ken and the main female character, Yoshida Rei, were good friends for almost their whole lives. Ken has had a romantic crush on Rei for the longest time, but was never able to express his true feelings to her. On the day that Rei is supposed to get married to another man, Ken is granted a wish by a fairy to return back in time to fix things up in the romance department. Lucky for him, he gets a second chance at love.

Squeeeee! I’m so excited to see Yoo Seung Ho in an adult role AND in a romantic comedy! He’s seriously one of my favorite actors under 21 (heh, there aren’t that many to choose from), and if there’s going to be shower scenes where he appears nekkid in the drama, I’m so down. But I guess I’ll still tune in even if he doesn’t appear half-nekkid. At this point, I just want this year to be over so we can ring in 2012. I’m ready to move on from the crapload of bad drama offerings from 2011 to something better in 2012!

The drama will air sometime in 2012.

News and Photo Sources: Star M, naver, and soompi


5 thoughts on “Korean remake of Proposal Daisakusen casts Yoo Seung Ho as lead

  1. I still can’t believe he’s only 18! He’s like a veteran at that age…LOL. So excited for this new drama! The only thing I want is that his female co-star will be age appropriate…she can be a couple years older and as long as she looks around his age, I think that’ll be okay. While I do like noona-dongsaeng relationships, I think they’ve given him too many. I couldn’t watch Flames of Ambition with him & Seo Woo…the age difference was just too big. And while she may be a good actress, it’s just uncomfortable for me to look at her face. So I’m looking forward to seeing him paired with someone his age…hopefully.

    • Yes, it’s a little crazy, isn’t it? Considering he started acting at such a young age. I didn’t really like him with Seo Woo in Flames, either, only because I couldn’t see the romance between them, but he actually managed to pull his character off.

      It’s highly possible that the person playing the female lead might be older than him because I can’t remember many young actresses at his age that are good enough to star besides him. Unless they’re an idol, but I’d hate it if some young pop singer got casted as the lead.

  2. Ditto about giving him an age-appropriate costar. It’s understandable that he’s been with older actresses until now because there are almost no leading ladies his age, but I think for a rom-com he should look compatible with his leading lady.

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