Photos from Eugene and Ki Tae Young’s Pyebaek Ceremony released

I honestly feel like words aren’t needed to describe these photos from Eugene and Ki Tae Young‘s Pyebaek Ceremony. The “pyebaek” is a Korean marriage custom that’s held when the official public wedding is over and for family members only. It’s when the newlyweds pay respect to the groom’s family by bowing deeply, kneeling on the floor with their hands pressed to their foreheads. The couple will also present presents to the parents and offer wine to them. It’s often seen in Kdramas, and sometimes is performed before the official wedding even takes place. (To anyone who knows more about the pyebaek traditions, feel free to elaborate more on this ceremony for I’m quite interested to know if I’ve left out a lot of details.)

The couple met on the set of “Creating Destiny.” Their romance during the drama became a reality and they were married this past summer. I love seeing how happy and deeply in love they are with each other. They’re like the cutest couple, practically glowing in every photo I see below. Gah, so adorable! Now my cheeks hurt from smiling so widely.

News and Photo Sources: Soompi, Sports News, and Hanboklynn’s blog


4 thoughts on “Photos from Eugene and Ki Tae Young’s Pyebaek Ceremony released

  1. those hanboks are expensive. the ones at DAmdaemun costs about $300 and they were just the simple ones you try on for free in front of the public palaces in Seoul. I bet you it would be at least $$$$ price range.

    But I love wearing a hanbok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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