On the set of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

I sincerely wish with all my heart that real life would just lay off and give me a break, just so’s I can watch this drama. But then again, even if I were able to watch this drama, I’d probably acquire a set of panda eyes overnight. Reading the recaps alone over at Dramabeans has me crying for moar, moar, moar! It doesn’t help that I totally adore Jung Il Woo as Chi Soo and seeing him makes me all grabby. *fingers twitch* See what I mean?

This really isn’t a post about anything, but an excuse for me to say that 1) Jung Il Woo is a cutie, 2) I want to make him my personal boy toy, and 3) I’d like him as an early Christmas present. Preferably when I wake up tomorrow. What? Don’t look at me like you wouldn’t want that too. (I wished for it first though.) While I find Lee Chung Ah‘s Eun Bi to be an intriguing, witty female lead and Lee Ki Woo a hottie in his own rights, I’ve only got eyes for one person. And that’s Jung! Il! Woo! Squeeeee!

The photos below were probably taken before the actual filming began, since all the actors have the script in hand and are practicing their lines. Nothing particularly interesting, but there’s eye-candy! Yes, that’s all that matters to me. I iz shallow, I know.  

Poor girl. She’s got bags under her eyes.

Hubba hubba.

And although this is sort of “old” if you’ve been refreshing the drama’s website page every day — and partly because I’m in a nice, sharing mood, here’s two more of Jung Il Woo being adorable.

Slay me now. Because I just can’t stand this hotness. *flails*


6 thoughts on “On the set of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

  1. I’ll give you Jung Il Woo if I can have Lee Ki Woo…deal?

    (He cooks, he cleans, he’s sweet and supportive and ridiculously hot..he’s mine!)

    • Heh. I won’t wait for you to give him to me ’cause I’ll just steals him for myself! But yes, take Lee Ki Woo! You can HAVE him! 😛 And I won’t regret it.

  2. Panda eyes be damned. FBRS is not to be missed. Love the recaps at Dramabeans; it’s addictive. However, it’s not the same as watching it. I like both JIW and LKW, but definitely more JIW in this one. The way he goes from a goofy, immature, arrogant, clueless, silly, and HOT (which is lmao funny)… to… intense, serious, solemn, vulnerable, protective, and HOT (oi…my mind just short-circuited)…

    Not to be missed, just sayin’.

    • LOL. I guess this is one drama where the recaps, no matter how good they are, just don’t do it justice? Heh. Alright, I think I just might watch a few episodes this weekend, since I’m on Thanksgiving break now. But if I do end up with panda eyes when my marathon is over, I’ll be coming after you. 😛

      Just kidding.

      • Cha Chi-Soo in his agony of lurve is pure delight to behold. Yang Eun Bi squirming helplessly while CCS spins his story of how they met is hilarious. The tall handsome strange “husband” (I forget his name) is, well, too strange for words. O.o

        Yep… Definitely gotta watch it for the nuances and expressions. ^^

        Look at it this way, it’s not marathoning k-dramas that = panda eyes. Rather, it’s those pesky chores that somehow piled up – while you’re watching dramas – and gotta be done before next day that’s the cause of it, just sayin’.

        I’ll be waiting… lol. ^^

        Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • HAHA. Okay, okay. I will watch next week’s episodes just for you, then. 😛

          Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it) with your family, too. Happy weekend!

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