Han Ye Seul takes off to Wonderland for Allure

What a delightfully eccentric photo shoot this was! The above photo is perhaps the only one that doesn’t really belong in this set, for it’s the most “normal” one out of these photos. Actress Han Ye Seul transformed into “Alice” for Allure magazine and what I love about the concept of this shoot is that it reflects the original “Alice in Wonderland” story– dreamy, mystical, and quirky.

I particularly love the fiery, bold look that’s she’s sporting, which work so well on her. The curly, red bob is also a fantastic contrast to the dark, black colors Han is wearing. I’m not usually a fan of red hair on pale skin, but this look totally works on her. And the glittery eye makeup is perfect for a party, which is exactly what “Alice,” er, Han Ye Seul is supposed to be going for this photo shoot.

You can currently find Han Ye Seul on the big screen with Song Joong Ki in the rom-com movie, “Penny-Pinching Romance.” (I’m so gonna watch it when it comes to the U.S!)

News and Photo Source: naver


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