Gong Yoo and Crucible co-stars at the 32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards

There’s really nothing cuter than seeing Gong Yoo walking down the red carpet with his child co-stars for this year’s Blue Dragon  Film Awards. He brought along his co-stars from this year’s controversial and hit movie, The Crucible, and while it’s awesome to see them so happy, I can’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy that they get to hold Gong Yoo’s hands for the world to see. Heehee. I can’t tell who’s happier, Gong Yoo or the girls.

From left to right: Baek Seung Hwan, Kim Hyun Soo, Gong Yoo, Jung In Seo

Confession: I didn’t find Gong Yoo attractive in Coffee Prince, but after watching The Crucible, he’s become a favorite. Before I couldn’t understand why all the fangirls were so into him, but I get it now, oh yes I have.

It was wonderful to watch all three child actors enjoy themselves that night for they’ve deserved it. They blew my mind away in The Crucible, and were not only phenomenal, but were endearing and charismatic as well. It’s hard to believe that they’re only child actors because they truly could’ve passed as seasoned actors from their performances. I’m excited to see how they’ll continue to grow as actors in the future, since they represent the next generation of up-and-coming stars.

The three also got a chance to talk on stage at the awards and introduce presenters Lee Min Ho and Park Bo Young. My favorite part during that scene was hearing Jung In Seo thank “Gong Yoo oppa” for giving them teddy bears at The Crucible celebration party, where they cast and crew from the movie celebrated once filming was completed. You can see how Gong Yoo’s all smiles in response. (And the Gong Yoo fans present at the awards ceremony cheer all the louder for him.)

Not only a hottie but a sweetie too? Gah. He’s just too perfect.

Gong Yoo lost the Best Actor award to Park Hae Il (Bow: The Ultimate Weapon), but received an award for Popularity. He seemed flustered when the winners were revealed at first, but immediately recomposed himself and accepted the award with grace. Go Soo, Choi Kang Hee, and  Kim Hye Soo, co-em cee fo the night, received a Popularity Award as well.

Congrats to Gong Yoo and his Crucible co-stars. May the drama gods bless them with better projects to come. Say, a drama would be nice.

News Source: naver

Photo Sources: Listed on each photo above.


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