Happy birthday, PIE!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term “PIE” in Kdramaland, let me explain. I don’t mean that kind of pie, as in the one that you’d eat for dessert. But PIE as in Chun Jung Myung, whose 31st birthday is today. On his twitter, he wrote, “많은 분들께서 저의 생일을 축하해 주셔서 정말 감사합니다!! 저절로 힘이납니다!! 좋은 기운이 저에게 전달이 됐어요~ 좋은기운을 “영광의 재인” 촬영에 쏟아부을께요!! 감사합니다!!!! 다들 푹 주무세요~^^ 굿나잇~~~!!!” He basically thanked all who celebrated his birthday with him and was really grateful for everyone who made his day wonderful. He also promised to work even harder in his projects in the future.

Aw PIE. I adore you. May the drama gods bless you with many (good and mind-blowing) projects in the years to come.

I remember that upon finishing Cinderella’s Sister (which I loved until halfway through), Goodbye Solo, and What’s Up, Fox, I dedicated a small post to him on my former blog on tumblr. In celebration of PIE’s birthday, I’ll repost the embarrassing, raving, fangirly post below. [I cringed while re-reading it, for my feelings and thoughts on Chun Jung Myung as an actor has changed since then. Plus, I was still considered to be (even more of) a beginner in the world of Kdramas a year ago (than I am now), but for your viewing pleasure, I shall humiliate myself. Again. *dies*] What I’d do for my love for PIE? Almost anything.

“Chun Jung Myungism” — June 18, 2010:

Ah, Chun Jung Myung, how lovely you are. Normally guys cringe when feminine adjectives are attached to their name, but I honestly don’t know how to put his amazingness into words. I’d even go as far to say that words just don’t do him justice. It has been over a week since I’ve been staying up late, mulling over the scenes where he commands my attention. From his performances in What’s Up, Fox?, Goodbye Solo, and Cinderella’s Sister I’ve come to respect him from afar. Not to belittle his co-stars or anything, but I honestly could care less when they’re given some screen time. There’s always a couple of exceptions such as Go Hyun Jung and Moon Geun Young, but as a whole, his co-stars have yet to stir me on an emotional level. Never mind the caffeinated tea I drink ‘cause Buddy, it is ALL your fault that I can’t fall asleep at night!

I believe the saying “The eyes are the windows to the soul” holds a lot of merit, especially when it comes to Chun Jung Myung. There’s something about his eyes, large and expressive, that seem to not only capture the screen, but pierce our hearts as well. He doesn’t have to shed a single tear for you to feel the turmoil within his character nor does he have to start screaming his head off to let you feel his anger. Subtle, small movements like the twitch of an eye, a raised eyebrow, or just widening his eyes a little bit depict his prowess as an actor. All who view his work, even you – whether you’re smirking, shaking your head, or agreeing with me as you read on – will be dramatically affected.

It’s almost like the experience of a religious conversion and in an instant, your life takes a turn for the better. You begin to notice the hidden beauty that life offers. You instantaneously realize that you’ve missed out on things that you used to take for granted. Even though I don’t know Chun Jung Myung personally, and I don’t even speak the same language as him, not to mention that we’re ages apart, he has somehow challenged me as a viewer. It’s preposterous, I know! He’s only acting and his real self is hidden beneath that veneer, so how can I still admire him?

It’s a given that I’ve had plenty of “celebrity crushes” but this situation is different from its predecessors. This time around, it’s not really the actor’s looks that affect me, though I confess he is very attractive, but his acting. It’s not his abs that have me declaring that he’s the most appealing actor in the world or his pleasant smile that would even make the dead rejoice in their graves that warm my heart ! On the contrary, his charisma presented through his acting causes my heart to flutter and my squeals to erupt. Let’s not mention that this all drives my family crazy so kudos to them for their unending patience. I don’t know where he got the genes or the talent, but Chun Jung Myung has won me over.

Behind the lens of a camera, Chun Jung Myung has bewitched me to the point of no return. Yes, this baby-faced actor that’s turning 30 by the end of this year is a pro indeed. Underneath that handsome face are emotions tucked away that range from across the board. You want him to act sullen, hurt, violent, sexy, or cute? Don’t worry, you’ll get it! Saying that he’s a talented actor would be a tremendous understatement. Subsequently seeing him in three projects now, he continues to amaze me with his talent. He delivers his lines smoothly and if you happen to notice a flaw, you forget it within an instant because he flashes that Aw-you-caught-me-in-a-bad-moment kind of smile.

It’s aggravating that I just can’t hate him. Forgive me since I’m starting to sound like a broken down car that needs major repair or a better thesaurus. However, I hope you get the gist of this post anyway. Due to my current CJM withdrawal, I’m eagerly anticipating his next project (Edit: I haven’t watched Man of Honor or finished all of The Duo just yet. Probably not going to watch MoH because I haven’t heard good things about it, but I will most definitely finish Duo.) since he continues to blow me away and mature in his profession. So since a picture is worth a thousand words, I should cease talking and let the pictures speak for themselves.

If you disagreed with me on the part about Chun Jung Myung being one of the finest actors in his generation, then can I convince you that he’s one of the best-looking Korean actors alive? I think it will be easier for me to win the battle for the latter topic, hands down.


Photo credits: Man of Honor official website


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