My new love: Tanner Patrick

It’s not often that I stumble across YouTube and find myself completely besotted by a singer. Sure, I may be surfing YT and fall in love with someone’s music and immediately hit the “subscribe” button, but it’s been a while since I’ve went completely gaga over one. The last time this happened was back in 2009, when I discovered Kurt Schneider. And for many of you who follow this blog, I still talk about him quite a bit.

I don’t remember exactly how I found Tanner Patrick‘s YouTube channel a few days ago, but I do recall not being able to stop watching his videos. Then I became a full-fledged stalker and found his Twitter and Facebook page. And that still wasn’t enough. I had to declare my love for him publicly and MINE him. That’s right, folks — this green-eyed, pretty boy with an angelic voice is MINE. I called it first. To be fair, I was three months late in discovering him so I wouldn’t be the first to MINE him over the internet (just look at all the comments on his YouTube videos), but still. On this blog, he’s MINE. Mine mine mine.

So who the heck is this guy?

I was surprised to find out that he started uploading music to his YouTube channel in August 2011, only three months ago. To date, he has a total of over a million views on YouTube and about 18,000 subscribers, as well as over 10,000 likes on Facebook. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to predict that he’s going to be one of the hottest YouTube singers within the next year or so. Just you wait. He’s going places.

I do love his voice very much. I swear it’s not just his face that I love — such pretty green eyes — but his talent that makes him all the more attractive. On another note, I’m not particularly fond of his videographer, who coincidentally, also took all the photos of him that you see on this post. The focus on his videos are often blurry and shaky, so it’s hard for me to fully enjoy [staring at his beautiful face] watching ’em because I’m so distracted by the technical flaws. Still, that doesn’t stop me from playing his videos on repeat and gushing about it. I must share his amazingness with you all!

He doesn’t have that many videos on YouTube yet, but here are three that I love:

“A Thousand Years/Twenty-Four” Mashup — Christina Perri and Switchfoot

“It will Rain” — Bruno Mars

My favorite video of his so far is “Pumped Up Kicks” — Foster the People

See, isn’t his voice just divine? Here are some more pretty photos of him. While I hope you enjoy browsing through them, let me just warn you that while it’s okay to look, it’s not okay to touch! Teehee. MINE!

Photo credits: Tanner’s official Facebook page.


4 thoughts on “My new love: Tanner Patrick

    • He’s actually a brunette, I think, but in the photos he does look like a redhead. So I guess he has dark brown/reddish hair. All I know is that his hair’s lovely. And also MINE. 😛

  1. heeyy haha i do the same 😀
    first i never maybe seldom to open youtube..then i find my sweetheart kurt hugo schneider and sam tsui 😀 it leads me to do more exploring youtube singers.
    then i finally find this hot and cute guy ever, tanner patrick 😀 his face like an angel, very handsome. oh god we are same :p i never get bored to see his video..makes me feel more inlove with tanner ❤

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