On the set of upcoming drama History of the Salaryman

Awwwww yeeeeaaaah. If there’s one thing I’m excited about in January of 2012, it’s the return of Jung Kyeo Woon back to the small screen. He’ll be the supporting actor for the upcoming SBS drama, History of the Salaryman, which is a story about the life of a salaryman. It sounds pretty ordinary, but it’s supposed to be a realistic portrayal of a lonely man and the daily struggles that he has to go through. In addition to Jung Kyeo Woon, the drama already has a solid cast lineup that includes Lee Beom Soo (On Air, Giant), Hong Soo Hyun (The Princess’s Man), and Jung Ryeo Won (What Star Did You Come From, My Name is Kim Sam Soon).

I like them all, but the most surprising actor out of the bunch is Hong Soo Hyun, who completely took me by surprise in her portrayal of Princess Kyung Hye in TPM. I also have a fondness for both Lee Beom Soo and Jung Ryeo Won because I watched some of their dramas early on in my Kdrama watching career, and I’m excited to see such a talented group working together. But I admit that I’m mostly excited just to see Jung Kyeo Woon’s adorable face again. He’s a workaholic, it seems.

Here’s some of the stills from the set of History of the Salaryman, which began filming on November 17th.

I tend to distance myself from sweaty guys at the gym because they’re often stinky and gross, but I think Jung Kyeo Woon’s actually hotter when he’s all sweaty and stuff. My laser eyes can see his abs underneath his shirt, what with his shirt clinging to his sweat-covered body and everything.

I can’t say I’m lovin’ Jung Ryeo Won’s hair or her yellow jumpsuit. The red hair reminds me so much of Yoon Eun Hye‘s (ugly) hairstyle in My Fair Lady, which may just be what they’re aiming for. She still looks cute, though. I just personally hate the combination of red and yellow.

I’m not completely sold on the OTP for this drama, but it looks as if both Lee and Jung are having loads of fun while filming together, and perhaps this means that they’ll have some rockin’ onscreen chemistry as well. ‘Cause y’know, that’s kind of important in a drama.

I’ll end with a photo of my Jung Kyeo Woon. So. Hot!

History of the Salaryman is looking at a January 2012 premiere, following Thousand Day Promise

News and Photo Credits: Naver


2 thoughts on “On the set of upcoming drama History of the Salaryman

  1. Mmmmmm, so much of teh pretty. ^_^ I’m disappointed that he’s not the main lead – I would have thought at this point he would have left second-lead-dom behind. That just means we won’t get to see as much of him.

    • I know, I thought he was now in first lead territory, but I guess not. But I still have to finish Romance Town and I could always start La Dolce Vita if I’m not getting enough of my JKW fix in Salaryman.

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