Padam Padam holds its press conference

The more that I see of Padam Padam, the more I believe that it’s a story centered around the bromance than the romance, especially based on the photo above. Kim Bum holding Jung Woo Sung‘s hand at a press conference? Yeah, if I didn’t see these photos for myself, I wouldn’t have believed it either. Count me in as an early shipper for Bummie and Sung Sung, for I love me some good bromances. With less than a week to go for its premiere on cable channel jTBC, the cast and crew held its press conference in Seoul earlier today.

Kim Bum reportedly lost 11 kilograms (approx. 24 pounds) for his role because he had more half-nekkid scenes in the drama than he expected. (Come back, squeezable cheeks!) His character Kook Soo likes to sleep without a shirt on because he believes that his wings will come out at night. At the press conference, he also revealed that in order to play his character, he looked to a lot of foreign films for inspiration, such as “Michael” starring John Travolta and a French film titled “Angel-A.” He thought that his role was challenging because his character goes through various stages of emotions, so in order to get all the facial expressions down pat, he tried to stay in character even when he wasn’t filming.

Jung Woo Sung is looking good. I think he’s the kind of actor that’s aging quite well. His character was sent to jail for a murder that he didn’t commit. I’m excited to see how that will play out when he’s released from his jail sentence and how he views the world afterwards. If there’s one thing you can count on for this drama, it’s the stellar writing from writer Noh Hee Kyung.

Han Ji Min‘s absolutely stunning and positively radiant as she walked to the front of the stage. I adore her. While I’m more excited to see the bromance between Kang Chil and Kook Soo, I can’t help but be interested at how her character Ji Nah falls in love with Kang Chil, for she’s described to be a “selfish woman.”

These two are seriously so cute. Argh, which OTP do I root for now?

More bromance!

This is supporting actress Kim Min Kyung. I have no idea who she is but I’m assuming that she’s considered a newbie actress, for I can’t find much information on her.

Here’s the supporting actor Lee Jae Woo, also a fairly new actor.

The cast with PD Kim Kyu Tae and writer Noh Hee Kyung, who reunite after working on The World That They Live In.

The forty-second trailer:

The five-minute trailer:

The drama will air its first episode on December 5th on jTBC.

News and Photo Credits: Reviewstar at Hanbooki and 10Asia


5 thoughts on “Padam Padam holds its press conference

    • So did I. I mean, holding hands. In public. Guys. *Dies*

      BTW, I love Han Ji Min in this. I’ve only seen her in Resurrection, where she went around most of the time with eyes brimful of tears, so seeing her giving the finger in the trailer was so funny.

  1. I love Kim Bum’s high-cut shoes! lol. As of lately, I already love every character in this series. They’re really good, even Kim Min Kyung and Cha Tae Joon. Great cast!

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