Quick thoughts on Flower Boy Ramyun Shop episode 9

Remember how I wished that I had time to watch Flower Boy Ramyun Shop instead of just reading the recaps on Dramabeans a few days ago?  Well, today the Universe granted my request and freed up my schedule. Despite running low on energy (I got a total of 3 hours of sleep last night. Woohoo!), I forgot about how tired I was and downloaded the episode anyway.

While I was expecting an episode full of cuteness and entertaining fluff, I wasn’t anticipating to be disgruntled ten minutes in and bored out of my mind by the first half of the episode. What exactly went wrong for me? Why was it that I was so entertained while reading the recaps for this drama, but when I actually watched it, I couldn’t stand it? Ah, therein lies the answer to my question.

That’s just it — the fact that I was reading the recaps all along made it a different and unique experience. Watching the drama itself is a huge contrast to reading the recaps of said drama. While I already knew this in my head, I still wasn’t prepared for the jarring effect of realizing that this drama is better enjoyed through recaps than actually watching it. At least for me, that is.

For example, when I’m reading the summary of each episode’s plot line and the commentary that goes along with it, I don’t have to pay attention to all the technical aspects of the drama, such as directing, acting, editing, etc. Because all the technical stuff in a drama isn’t usually mentioned in a recap, unless the recapper chooses to talk about it which, which can be a rare occurrence but it depends on the recapper.

That being said, I was totally unprepared for the bad editing and directing in FBRS, as well as the music score that didn’t match with the scenes. Like I said, I was totally aggravated ten minutes in. Maybe it was due to my sleep deprivation, but I got a headache from all the choppy transitions one-third of the way through. And it only got worse for me from that point on. I couldn’t enjoy The Pretteh and Jung Il Woo/Lee Ki Woo’s acting when I was so distracted by so many other flaws within the drama and how the story just didn’t seem to flow for me.

It’s not like I hated the episode, but I sure didn’t like it as much as I would’ve if I’d only read the recaps. I will, however, include things from this episode that I did like:

  • Gong Hyo Jin‘s cameo and hearing Best Love’s theme song playing in the background
  • Jung Il Woo’s smiles and various facial expressions
  • Eun Bi trying to act like a seductress and failing miserably
  • Kang Hyuk grabbing Eun Bi’s hand and putting her hands on his butt, where he helps her pull out laxative medicine from his pant pockets
  • Chi Soo talking to himself in the mirror
  • Eun Bi giving Chi Soo a hard-boiled egg that wasn’t actually a hard-boiled egg
  • Chi Soo cracks the not-so-hard-boiled egg on his head
  • The last two minutes where Kang Hyuk picks Eun Bi up and sets her on the railing and attempts to kiss her

See, at least I could still come up with a list of all the things I enjoyed about this episode. But I’m really hesitant to watch episode 10 because I didn’t enjoy episode 9. In fact, I think I might just go ahead and return back to readin the recaps unless someone wants to prove me wrong and tell me that episode 10 is indeed cracktastic.

And for anyone out there that’s reading this and wants to de-lurk, please also feel free to use the comments section and tell me what you liked about episode 9, your thoughts about this particular episode and the series as a whole, and what your dislikes too. I’ll be waiting!

Meanwhile, goodbye November. Hello December!

Photo Credits: Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Official Website, tumblr, and Naver


16 thoughts on “Quick thoughts on Flower Boy Ramyun Shop episode 9

  1. Sigh… I’m truly sorry you didn’t enjoy it. Not only that, I feel terribly responsible for your panda eyes & for spoiling the magic for you since I’d encouraged you to watch it.

    Go ahead, take it out on me. Chin’s right here -> O;

    My apologies.

    • *hugs*

      Oh lilone, there’s no need for apologies and I would never take it out on you, much less anyone else! You’re definitely not the only one who encouraged me to watch FBRS instead of just reading the recaps, so don’t worry! Plus, I was the one who wanted to check it out anyway. It’s weird for me that I can’t get beyond the technical flaws of this drama because Playful Kiss is quite similar to FBRS in terms of bad editing and all (perhaps way worse), but I still love that drama so very much.

      After much deliberation, I think I’ll give episode 10 a try, for I do enjoy seeing Jung Il Woo & Lee Ki Woo’s varying facial expressions and mannerisms.

      • LOL. Hugs back at cha.

        I have to say that I had misgivings that you may not enjoy the show as much given that your expectations were now high going into it. And reading recaps only gives one a certain freedom to imagine how the show should progress. And when that reality conflicts with your imagination, it can be hard to come to grips with it. I know it has happened to me. When I go to the movies expecting it to be like the book, only it isn’t and I spend the better part of the time trying to correlate the two. Frustrating and disappointing.

        As for the choppiness re transitions, I hadn’t even noticed it. I had taken it as scenes happening simultaneously just at different locations or some such. To me, it’s the style of the drama – the whole manghwa-like approach, just on TV instead of paper.

        Perhaps too, I like the slapstick-like/gag-like comedy aspect of it. I loved Greatest Love, my sister didn’t. I LMAO with Army of Darkness, my sister hated it. I haven’t watched Playful Kiss yet cos I heard a whole lotta negative stuff about it. Maybe I will…or not. Feel free to convince me to watch. Perhaps you can sneak in revenge that way. LOL.

        Yes, I’m sure there’re tons of spoilers floating around re ep 10. ;-p

        Have a good day and see ya soon!!!

          • Ok. I’ll bite. Playful Kiss is on my list of To-Watch. Will let you know how it goes. I have to warn you though, Imma 1-drama-at-a-time kinda gal, so this may take a while. If there’s one thing I absolutely cannot do, it’s multi-tasking dramas. I’m in love and faithful to the end, or I don’t watch. Batty, I know.

            Ah yes. Dream High. Haven’t watched that yet either. Another to add tO THE list.

            So, see you in a month… Or maybe sooner if you’re feeling the lack of lurve for FBRS and needing to rant. I will be crushed, I tell you. C.R.U.S.H.E.D.

            LMAO. Not. ÷)


          • LOL. Hey, one drama at a time sounds good to me. I’m more of a multi-tasker when it comes to anything, but I realize that’s not necessarily a good thing. Concentrating on one task at a time is much more effecient than multi-tasking, or so I’ve learned.

            Wait, why are you saying “see you in a month” again? You can talk about dramas AND watch them at once, can’t you? Hahaha.

  2. I enjoy reading the recaps, but I think I love the manga-ish acting too (especially the character of Kang Hyuk – 🙂 ) You’re right about the choppiness of the transitions from scene to scene though – but I find the dual combination of recap (and the awesome commentary) + live action just adds to my enjoyment 🙂
    Some things that come across better on TV:
    * Cha Chi-Soo’s playfulness than just seeing the expressions in pictures
    * His friend (the one who gives advice – Hyun Woo?)’s effeminate ways that scare Ba Wool
    * The tenderness of the father-son scenes
    * The feeling of “SQUEEEEEEEE” when Kang Hyuk does something like pick EUn Bi up and put her on the railing… *sigh* Swoon* splat*


    • Hey SimSimani! Thanks for de-lurking! 🙂

      Yes, yes, I totally agree with most of what you put on your list, although I must disagree with you about the tenderness of the father-son scenes, which I don’t find to be all that interesting. (^^”)

      I did squeal once or twice while watching episode 9 and a little part of me died from the cuteness. I’ll take a look at episode 10, because I know something big happens in that episode. Spoilers for it were everywhere!

  3. I don’t know…The whole story doesn’t have a feet in reality for me. It’s like everything about Eun Bi became a fairytale after her father’s death. I didn’t felt her grief, didn’t felt her chemistry with Cha Chi Soo (an UNDERAGE boy) and certainly don’t agree with the ridiculousness of her father giving his daughter and his ramyum shop to a young guy, even if it’s only by word. Would it really work if Kang Hyuk wasn’t hot as hell? Nothing in life works like this, even if it was an actual manga (I’ve read more than 200 shoujos/joseis), I wouldn’t accept this kind of harem in my mind. I know that it’s a drama, and that I have to accept the terms of agreement before jumping in, but Dream High was way more convincing than this one.
    Ba Wool is pretty cute though, and totally believable.

    • I absolutely agree with you, Indi, for I feel the same way. Out of all the characters in this drama, I like Eun Bi the least, which is just too bad because she’s the female protagonist.

      I love reading mangas and watching anime as well, though not clearly as often as you do, but yes, I feel that FBRS takes the slapstick comedy just a tad too far. It’s bordering between crazy-hilarious-comedy-I-need-moar-moar-moar and crazy-I-don’t-know-if-I-can-stand-this.

      I also enjoyed Dream High and it was fairly good at balancing the over-the-top humor with reality. That’s probably what made it more enjoyable. Let’s also not forget that the writing, directing, editing, and music turned what could’ve been just a stupid idol drama into a drama that wasn’t only cracktastic, but a memorable one as well.

    • Oh no no no — you’re misunderstanding me! I do like FBRS, oh yes I do! But only when I’m reading the recaps. It’s a show I don’t think I like watching, but one that I love reading about. 🙂

  4. you’re not the only one 😉 me too,have the difficulty of going through the first episode. but I enjoy reading the recaps, giggling to myself. I still check out some of the scenes though, and because it’s ilwoo, I’ll watch it again once it ends. watching all episodes in one go sometimes can make the drama better.

    I really hope I’ll be able to enjoy it as much as others do. and lee ki woo is a hottie! :O

    • LOL. I guess in certain cases a drama would be much more enjoyable when it’s marathoned all in one go; one would be too exhausted to bother thinking of any objective criticisms when it’s in the wee hours in the morning.

  5. That’s somewhat like my own dilemma…I usually enjoy a show more when I read the recap afterward. If I do it the other way around, I get bored because I already know what’s happening; reading afterword just lets me chew over the good bits. There’s also the fact that Javabeans and Girlfriday are very good recappers; they get that great witty balance between summary, dialogue, and commentary.

    FBRS is really bipolar for me. I hated the first two episodes, loved the next two, hated the next two, and you guessed it, am swinging back to love again. This is probably just strange old me, though 🙂

    • Oh heck yeah — JB and GF are wonderful at what they do, be it recaps, reviews, or general posts. I only wish that my writing was half as good as theirs!

      Perhaps FBRS’s schizophrenic as a drama, because of its inconsistencies. I’m sure you’re not the only one who thinks so, either.

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