History of the Salaryman releases stills from its poster shoot

Do my eyes deceive me? I see guns. I see men in black and soldiers. I see rain being showered on hot people with heavy mist in the background. And hot damn, is that really Hong Soo Hyun? *jaw drops* My interest in this show just increased by tenfold. You guys have no idea. These photos were just released for History of the Salaryman‘s poster shoot and boy does the entire main cast look hot!

Random dancing in the streets? Booyah!

Seeing the next shot somehow reminds me of Handel’s “Messiah.”

Lee Beom Soo

Jung Ryeo Won

Jung Kyeo Woon

Hong Soo Hyun. I just love her. So much.

Lee Duk Hwa (Comrades, Giant) and Kim Suh Hyung (Giant, Temptation of Wife)

This last photo just cracks me up. There’s Jung Kyeo Woon with an umbrella and Jung Ryeo Won without one. I don’t know if it’s because she doesn’t give him a chance to share the umbrella with her, or if he’s the one who doesn’t notice that she’s soaking wet. Either way, she turns to Lee Beom Soo and leans in so she can stay dry under his umbrella. If this is any indication of the way the romance in this drama will play out, then too bad for Jung Kyeo Woon’s character.

Another random comment that I’m going to add — I just realized that if one abbreviates the title of the show, it comes out to HotS, or Hots. Why, yes, I do have the hots for a certain Jung Kyeo Woon. Heehee. I’m so easily entertained today.

Now back to this stupid paper….

News and Photo Source: Newsen


8 thoughts on “History of the Salaryman releases stills from its poster shoot

  1. Ok this looks like a whole lot of FUN and WHACK! Serious whack!

    But oh my, overpowdered Jung Ryeo Won bothers me to the bone. Why did they have to make her even paler than she already is? Hong Soo Hyun for the win here! I hope her character’s a good one.

    And the men, oooohhh the men. Nice casting. hehe.

    • I know, she reminds me of a female version of Edward Cullen from Twilight. It doesn’t help that she her hair is so red and kinda fugly IMO.

      Yes, I think I’m looking forward to Hong Soo Hyun the most in this. I have an inkling that she’s gonna rock this drama.

  2. Hong Soo Hyun is HOT. Lady is on a role this year. Going from snappy frenemy in Lie to Me to fierce Princess GyeongHye in Princess’ Man to this sexy thing…wow.

    • I know, right? 2011 was a great year for her and I’m hoping that 2012 will be even better. I didn’t watch her in LTM, but I do know for a fact that she was spectacular as Princess Kyung Hye in TPM. I’m crossing my fingers for her on this next one and hopin that we’ll get to see her kick some major butt in HOTS.

  3. (HOTs, what an appropriate name! You will definitely recap this, right? Pretty please, Dodo? *-*)

    Hong Soo Hyun, dear, you WOWed me in The Princess’s Man, I will definitely look up for you on this one!

    With love,


    • Way to ask for a Christmas present early, Indi. 😛

      I haven’t yet recapped a Kdrama on this blog, not because I don’t want to but sometimes subtitles are slow and other bloggers tend to be quicker with their recaps or I don’t have the time. Then again, I haven’t recapped much over this past year and I have so many upcoming projects that I want to share! It’ll depend on my schedule, that’s for sure. No promises, but it’s a possibility! Maybe Santa can get me a time machine this year or the secrets to the fourth dimension. Both would be much appreciated.

  4. It looks like JKW is wearing badly-applied stage makeup. It’s bothering me. Still hot, oh yes, but a little bit strange-looking. And JRW looks so…trampy with that hair and makeup. But Hong Soo-hyun? Totally on fire. I love her.

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