Lee Jun Ki to be discharged February 2012

Time to mark your calendars, everyone! Apparently this piece of news has been floating around for about a week now, but I’m excited to share it nonetheless because perhaps many people haven’t been notified yet. People like me. (You can thank me later.) Lee Jun Ki is supposed to be officially discharged on February 16th of next year. Hooray! He plans to immediately start working upon his release, which includes plenty of fan meetings in Japan during the month of March.

It’s also been reported that Jun Ki’s received a ton of drama and movie offers, months before his releasement date. It looks like he’s going to pick a drama next as his comeback project, so stay tuned! In just a few months, he’ll be back! Squee!

Note: In the photo above, Lee Jun Ki was given a cake that says “왕고참.” And because I’m not a language expert, I asked my good friend daheefanel for a translation and she gladly obliged. Here’s what I learned: It’s a slang term that means the “top senior”/”top boss,” and it’s not necessarily a term just used in the army; it’s a term used for someone who’s been around the longest. But for someone in the army, to be 왕고참 is to imply that they’ll be finishing their duty soon.

Is it 2012 already?

News Sources: allkpop, naver, 10Asia


2 thoughts on “Lee Jun Ki to be discharged February 2012

    • I feel the same way every time an actor is discharged from the military. It’s like, wait, I thought you just signed up for military service but you’re telling me that you’re done now? Already? *pinches self*

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