A random Friday confession

I have a confession to make and it’s a tad embarrassing one, too:  I’m obsessed with my own blog right now. I have a reason, I promise! I’ll most definitely clarify why so I don’t receive scathing looks in return. Then again, I’m a dodo. Why should I care about other peoples’ opinions when I’m trying to beat the odds of extinction?

To be more precise, why am I obsessed with all wordpress blogs in particular? One word: snow. Squee! I love snow. I don’t get to see it often in my area during the wintertime, so it’s always a big treat when I do. In fact, this is something that I always look forward to on wordpress every winter holiday season. Now I can see it every day on all wordpress blogs for about a month.

There’s snow. On my blog. WHEEEEEEEEE!!!

So yeah. There you go. Now go wild and play around with the snowflake function on wordpress by moving your cursor around. The snowflakes change directions too! You know you want to. 😛


11 thoughts on “A random Friday confession

    • Oh, no need to thank me! I did nothing except to sit back and enjoy the application because it’s automatically given to all wordpress.com blogs, though not available for wordpress-hosted blogs, I think. Although I love this application, I must say that it’s proving to be a real distraction from my more important and immediate real life obligations. *keeps moving cursor around*

  1. LMAO. Snow-obsessed? Puahahahaha. Yes, the snow falling across the screen AND changes direction according to your cursor is, admittedly, pretty cute. And, I have to say that from someone who lives northward, that… SNOW’S FREAKIN’ FUN AND GORGEOUS!!!

    When the first snow comes, sqqquuueeee. Let’s go play! And I don’t even mind shoveling the driveway. Get in some good workout that way. Snow…can be heavy.

    And then the not so pretty: having to drive in it, especially when it freezes overnight.

    So, I’m bi-polar about it. Yep.

    However, it is nice to see it from the point of view of someone who lives where there’s no snow. Reminds me of the first time we (we moved from tropical to up north) experienced snow, the excitement and joy of it. Mine’s now tempered by the practical side of reality.

    PS. I wasn’t planning to stay away for a month, just lurk in the meantime and only de-lurk after I’ve marathoned Playful Kiss. …Lurk and de-lurk… it just occurred that that sounded rather creepy stalker-ish. Yeesh. Going to ponder that one. >.0

    Pondered (because it bothered me). I am not, merely because it isn’t my intent.

    • There’s snow where I live too, but I’d have to drive for a few hours north if I want to see it. Lately my area has had major windstorms and it’s been destroying property everywhere. 😦

      Yeah, I suppose snow is awesome and fun for a few days until the realization sinks in that it’s freaking cold and you can’t go anywhere because you’re snowed in. If it were me, I probably wouldn’t complain too much since I’d probably just stay home and watch dramas.

      LOL. You can lurk and de-lurk when you so choose to. That doesn’t necessarily make you a stalker! But hey, this is a Bell Jar. It’s okay if you’re stuck here for days and you can’t get out. Muahahaha. At least you’ll have someone to keep you company. But yes, check out the first episode of Playful Kiss and see if you like it. To be honest, it really isn’t that great objectively. It’s the story that made me fuzzy inside, but technically it’s pretty awful. Just a heads up.

  2. Mei mei, you should come live where I do. We just got two inches this evening, and are probably due for more here in the next couple of weeks. Last winter we had snow until April. You could have it until you get sick of it!

    • Wahhh! I love snow, since I only get to see it for a few days once a year or none at all. I should take a trip to where you’re at! [You ARE offering, aren’t you? Heehee.] It wouldn’t matter if we were snowed in because we’d have hot chocolate and Kdramas to keep us happy.

      Get sick of snow? Please. Never! I wish we got all four seasons here. That would be loverly.

      [I say that but in all honestly, I don’t know if I could live in a cold place for months because I’m so used to perfectly warm weather. Yeah, I’m a spoiled Cali brat. :P]

  3. I don’t have snow in my country (Brazil, here, written Brasil), since I live exactly under the Equator line . *runs away and cry forever* Since I was a kid I dreamed with snow in winters, but here only rains. ;-;
    Anyway, happy to know that you’re obsessed with your cute, cute blog, Dodo!
    I really enjoy this space and love your cheerful writing! ^-^

    • You’re from Brazil? Awesome! I definitely want to visit your part of the world sometime in the future. I don’t get much snow in this part of California, either. I wish, though.

      Thank you so much for saying such kind, encouraging words. It truly warms my heart that I have such a wonderful reader like you!

  4. Tee hee 😀 You’re welcome to visit my country anytime you want, Dodo! People here really loves to receive people from outside of the country, specially, the gentle ones like you! The k-world is still less known than the japan here, but the few ones who likes the korean culture are really passionate about it.
    And you contribute immensely with my crazy addiction for dramas. So, no need to thank me, since I only said the truth! 🙂 Fighting!

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