Chae Shi Ra reveals a sexy charm and elegance for Style

Good lord, is this woman really in her forties when she has a body of a twenty-something year old? She puts a young’un like me to shame. *jealous*

Many of you don’t know who Chae Shi Ra (Empress Cheon Chu, Emperor of the Sea) is, but she’s currently starring as the adult Queen Insoo in cable channel jTBC’s drama of the same name. (T-ara’s Ham Eun Jung is playing the teen Insoo in the early episodes, and Chae Shi Ra will show up in the later episodes.) I admit that I also didn’t know much about her until a few weeks ago, when I was doing some online research about jTBC’s drama Queen Insoo, which premiered this past weekend. She’s well-known as a seasoned veteran actress for long time Kdrama fans, and has starred in solid projects for many years. In fact, I’ve heard nothing but good things about her and her acting from my drama friends.

From this photo shoot, it’s obvious that the woman’s still got it because let’s face it, she looks amazing. She flaunts her sensuality in a subtle way; elegant but not flashy. I like that. And along the topic of what I love from this photo shoot, I gotta say that her legs are beautiful too.

You can watch her in the Saturday-Sunday drama, Queen Insoo, which is slated for 50-episodes. It’s penned by the great Jung Ha Yeon (Flames of Ambition, Shin Don) and directed by PD Lee Tae Gon (Last Scandal of my Life).

News and Photo Source: Newsen


3 thoughts on “Chae Shi Ra reveals a sexy charm and elegance for Style

  1. Yay!!! ^^ So nice to see older women included in fashion spreads. There IS life, passion, fun, and fashion after the 20’s, you know.

    CSR does look fabulous. I won’t have known she’s in her 40s. Now I want a glamorous makeover… minus that hairstyle. Not a fan of that poofy big hair do. I’d look top heavy and unbalanced since I’m on the short side (let’s just say there are 5th graders taller than me, sigh…).

    • Oh, of course! You know what they say, “Women are like a fine bottle of wine, they only get better with age.” It’s so true, right?

      She looks like she’s in her late twenties, early thirties, but certainly not in her forties. She reminds me of Lee Mi Sook, who, at age 50, is one hot, sexy mama!

      Heh. I’m on the short side too — and proud of it! I definitely wouldn’t be able to pull off that kind of hairstyle, which is good because I don’t think I’d like it anyway.

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