Song Joong Ki and UEE awarded as Barbie and Ken’s 2011 fashion icons

In celebration of Barbie and Ken’s 52nd and 50th aniversary, respectively, Song Joong Ki and UEE attended an awards night that awarded them their own one-of-a-kind Barbie and Ken dolls. They were chosen as this year’s fashion icons, people who were not only an inspiration in the fashion world, but positive influences on their culture and society. I love that the two are wearing the same outfits as the clothes featured on the dolls, which I’m assuming is to be some sort of tradition because all stars who are recipients of this award show up wearing matching outfits with their miniature Barbie and Ken counterparts. So. Cute.

This has been a great year for both Song Joong Ki and UEE; both are gaining critical acclaim and popularity for their acting in their current respective dramas — The Tree With Deep Roots for Song and Ojakgyo Brothers for UEE. Plus, Song Joong Ki’s also on the big screen right now for his movie, Penny-Pinching Romance, which he stars alongside actress Han Ye Seul.

I rather like that they were selected as recipients for this year’s Barbie and Ken awards because now that I think about it, they do look like adult-size versions of dolls, dontcha think? Or are my eyes deceiving me?

I’m usually not a fan of feathers or half-cropped dresses followed by a long train, but I actually dig this particular dress on UEE. She looks so glamorous and elegant and beautiful! To be honest, I personally don’t find her all that attractive — and I still feel that way — but I can’t deny that she’s gorgeous in all of these shots. Is it the dress? Maybe. Love the shoes, too!

Come to me, Oppa! *runs away from SJK fangirls carrying pitchforks*

I think that Song Joong Ki should be placed in his own special category when it comes to “beautiful wom–whoops, men” because he’s so pretttttaaaaayyyy! He’s like a shining beacon in the sea, a bright star in the dark night. Wait, what kind of stupid nonsense am I spouting now? *checks to see if brain is still functioning and finds that it’s not* What can I say, he’s hot.


Now I’m salivating like one of Pavlov’s dogs. *drools*

Hee. Don’t you love the miniature doll versions of Song Joong Ki and UEE? Congratulations to these two stars on receiving the 2011 Barbie and Ken Award!

News and Photo Source: Newsen


6 thoughts on “Song Joong Ki and UEE awarded as Barbie and Ken’s 2011 fashion icons

  1. Hey hey hey, now. Don’t be drooling too much over my Joong-ki oppa. ^_~

    Seriously, I hope his next project is another sageuk, because he was so yummylicious in SKKS. And in TWDR, too, but that was so short. ~sob~ Whatever it is, I hope it’s a drama and that he’s the leading role. For sure he’s due, right?

  2. I would never have thought of putting those two together, but dare I say it, they look really cute. Song Joong Ki, though, just fills me with despair. How can a man have such a gorgeous face?

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