Day 13: Your Favorite “I Love You”

It’s been way too long since I’ve answered one of these, so when I found myself procrastinating while doing some work today, I decided that it was high time for me to formulate an answer to today’s Challenge Question. In all honesty, I was thisclose to skipping this question completely because I couldn’t think back to one “I love you” that I really loved. Which was totally weird, considering the number of Kdramas I’ve watched in my short lifetime. But after telling myself to sit down and wrack through my brain for an answer, I finally found one. However, it’s not exactly an “I love you,” though it comes as close as any in my books.

I originally chose Jang Geun Seok’s “Go Mi Nam, I give you permission to like me” as my favorite “I love you” from a Kdrama, but then decided against it since I realized that I had already written that as an answer to another Challenge Question. I chose this answer next because it was a sweet, memorable scene that I can still recall a year later, not to mention that it really is one of the highlighted moments in a Kdrama I’ve watched.

When Kim So Yeon‘s Yeon Woo finds Jung Kyeo Woon‘s Ji Heon waiting at her house at the end of episode 8 in Dr. Champ, I was expecting him to tell her that he had forgiven her for causing him to get off the judo team and then leave. To be more fair, Yeon Woo had written up Ji Heon a doctor’s report for a resting period of six weeks, but his coach used it as an opportunity to kick Ji Heon off the team. So her role in his dismissal from the team was completely unintentional, since she only wanted to prevent him from injuring himself anymore and she hadn’t known that the coach was looking for an excuse to cut down the team’s number of players. In reparation, she offers to help him with his training schedule, but he flatly refuses. The next thing you know and a fast forward to a couple scenes later, he’s back at her place, ready to make amends.

While I expected him to forgive her, what I didn’t expect was this:

I don’t want to forgive you. I also hate being like this. But I like you. Crazily.

“I like you. Crazily.” Kyaaaaahhhhh! That scene in the drama still gets to me every freaking time.

It may not sound all that romantic, but it actually is when it’s watched in context to the entire episode. What I love about this line is that it’s so relatable. In fact, the more that I think about this scene, the more I love it. Sometimes we like someone and it literally drives us crazy because they may not always deserve our affections. Yet it doesn’t negate the fact that we still like them for who they are, imperfections and all.

Ji Heon’s been the one pursuing Yeon Woo for the longest time, and despite her character flaws and immaturity, he’s always been devoted to her. Just when it looks as if their relationship is on the rocks, Yeon Woo begins to have epiphanies left and right, which causes her to mature as an individual. It’s definitely a perfect moment when he finally confesses to her and she gets his sincerity. I also love that, although she’s at fault for getting him off the team and perhaps ruining his entire athletic career, he still does end up forgiving her.

He can’t completely disregard his feelings for her either, because it’s the one thing he can be entirely sure of in his life. Everything else is uncertain for him — fulfilling his dreams of winning a gold medal, getting back on the judo team, and the chances that his physical treatments will go well — except his feelings for her. Despite her mistakea, he continues to trust her and accepts her offer of help in his physical treatment.

This was pretty much the point where I fell in love with Jung Kyeo Woon as an actor because he was amazingly perfect in his line delivery — the tone was just right and his sincerity was there. Goodness how I love him. ♥

Photo Credits: Dr. Champ’s official website


8 thoughts on “Day 13: Your Favorite “I Love You”

    • Yes, you described it perfectly, chingu! He had such a great performance in this scene, where he was showed subtlety in all the emotion Ji Heon was feeling up to that moment. Man, I realize that I post tons of stuff about him on this blog. He’s like the most tagged person on my blog and my ILU Choi Soo Jong has only a few posts to himself. Hmmmm…

  1. Awww, this sounds so sweet. JKW always strikes me as a sincere actor, so I can totally picture him doing this. I remember the first two episodes of Romance Town where he went around in a fatsuit, lol.

    My own favorite “I love you” is probably Coffee Prince. Or rather, “I don’t care if you’re a man or an alien”, followed by that kiss. It was one of my first kdramas, so I loved it fiercely, and literally held my breath during that scene. Plus there was the subtext of Choi Han Gyul thinking he was gay, at this point…and he still went ahead with the confession. I still swoon.

    • Oooh, did you not watch Dr. Champ last year? I thought that it was one of the better offerings from 2010, but perhaps that’s because I really enjoyed the bromance and Jung Kyeo Woon’s acting. Heh. I STILL need to finish Romance Town…. Thank goodness the fat suit, chubchub JKW is out after two episodes and the hottie, sexy, and adorable JKW is in!

      A lot of people I know chose Coffee Prince to pick their favorite “I love you.” Personally, I don’t love Coffee Prince that much, but I remember that scene! It was cute, I must admit. Gong Yoo was just pure awesome-sauce as Han Gyul. He was Mr. Dreamy. *swoon*

  2. Mine is from My Girl when he said the words in between kisses. It was like honey the way he just sorta breathed them out softly and I remember thinking “wow it’s the sweetest sounding saranghae I’ve heard.”

    • See, I need to rewatch some of these oldies. I watched My Girl too many years back so I don’t remember much of it. Hmm….maybe I should pull it out again someday and rewatch bits of it.

      Thanks for sharing Hamster428! [Love your online screenname, btw. I love hamsters. Although they poop on me and scratch me so I’m scared to hold them. I love fuzzy things! Too bad they don’t always love me back.]

      • My Girl is my perennial favorite (against my better judgement) so I watch bits of it every year. I could say more about his saranghae but I think that’d ruin it when you watch it 😀
        My screenname didnt have a cute fluffy story behind it though. My friends started calling me hamster because I had complained about spinning my wheels forever in school without getting anywhere.

  3. Awww.. I just finished watching Dr. Champ and yes this scene makes me Kyaaaaaa! alone late at night! How I didn’t expect that! Didn’t expect the “I love you.” and didn’t expect “crazily” at the end! Urghhh!!

    But my fav scene of Dr Champ that still replaying in my head even til now is their first kiss! Rawr. Yeon Woo’s face after being kiss is like transparent and it’s like we can see that she’s really shy after being kissed! Gaahh!! And the nervousness of Ji Heon’s laugh as well. That scene is so perfect! Been replaying that over and over again.

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