Cha Seung Won in talks for upcoming SBS medical drama, The Third Hospital

Hot off his popularity from his last drama, Best LoveCha Seung Won is reportedly in talks with PD Jin Hyuk and the production staff for the upcoming SBS medical drama, The Third Hospital. While rumors about him being cast and not cast for this drama have been floating around for months, a representative from the production company said in an interview today that Cha Seung Won is indeed onboard for this project.

Most of you know PD Jin Hyuk already, since he’s directed hit dramas such as Prosecutor Princess, The Painter in the Wind, and Shining Inheritance, but he’s probably even more famous for his most recent project, City Hunter.

One thing that you can definitely count on for this drama is the pretty visuals, which is something I remember from watching the first few episodes of Painter of the Wind. I never finished that drama because I couldn’t stand Park Shi Yangstill can’t stand him to this day — but in the earlier episodes, I remember thinking to myself that the show was absolutely gorgeous. I also loved his directing flair that I saw in City Hunter, which was slick but not flashy. And I don’t remember much about his directing in Prosecutor Princess, for I was paying too much attention to Park Shi Hoo and Kim So Yeon‘s on-screen chemistry. They were hot.

Whether Cha Seung Won’s officially cast in this drama or not, I just hope to see him again soon. I can totally imagine him as a hot doctor like House, who’s my fave. Hey doctor, can you do a check up on me because I’m *cough* sick. 😛

The drama hopes to air on March 14, 2012 on SBS.

News Source: Newsen and Han Cinema


7 thoughts on “Cha Seung Won in talks for upcoming SBS medical drama, The Third Hospital

  1. “Hey doctor, can you do a check up on me because I’m *cough* sick”… Yunno, that statement’s JUST begging for segue into, uhm, scenarios, right? O_o I dunno, Santa. Someone’s possibly heading down the naughty path. LOL.

    (ok… bad joke. Overtired I am. Ooo, channeling Yoda now. Slinks off to bed. Night.)

  2. *Grabs* Cha Seung Won! With that PD! Oooh, the pretty is just going to KILL, I know it, doctor be damned.

    I love this PD’s camera work, it’s simply poetic and gorgeous. It was my favorite part of both Painter of the Wind (which I watched only for the visuals and Moon Geun Young) and City Hunter. Damned if I know how he’s going to have scope in a hospital, but I have faith. I think I’ll develop something long and lingering…

  3. Oh, Doctor, I have a strange pain in my chest , would you mind to check? *can’t think of anything else but naughtiness*
    What a shame, the man has a family, but I can dare to dream, right?

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