Jang Geun Seok as an artist for Love Rain

New stills of Jang Geun Seok as an artist for his upcoming drama have been released. And yikes, that does look like the ‘do that was quite popular back in the 70s. Not that I would know, but it does look out of style…

In Love Rain, a period melodrama that spans from the 1970s to the present day and age, Jang Geun Seok actually plays two characters in this drama — an artist in the 70s and his son — yes, his SON — who’s a photographer in 2012. It’s mindblowing, I know. I still don’t understand how that works out either.

His character Seo In Ha is supposedly a “gentle and sentimental person” while his son, Seo Jun, is a “cold-hearted individual.” Oh of course the two different generations should contrast one another and thus be brought into comparison. Makes sense that whatever wrongs the first generation makes should be corrected in the second. It’ll be like a repeat of the 70s except the children will do everything opposite of their parents and learn from their mistakes. There, I’ve summed up the whole drama for you in two seconds. You don’t even need to watch it now. 😛

His co-star Yoona, from the popular K-pop group SNSD, will also be doing double duty as she plays two leading female characters in this drama. She’ll be headlining as the leading lady Yoon Hee in the 70s and as her daughter, Haru, in the present day. Seriously? That is definitely going to confuse me.

The drama is directed by PD Yoon Seok Ho, and because he’s such a big deal, the drama’s already gaining a lot of hype since it’s his return to drama-land after a break for five years. He’s known as the Seasons Dramas PD because he directed all four of the Seasons Dramas Series — Autumn Tale, Winter Sonata, Summer Scent, and Spring Waltz. He’s the creator behind these dramas that started the Hallyu Wave. You either hate him or love him for coming up with the Seasons idea.

Love Rain’s something that Jang Geun Seok and PD Yoon Seok Ho fans everywhere can look forward to. I’m personally not that excited for it because while the premise is quite interesting and this will be Jang Geun Seok’s project after the dud that was Mary Stayed Out All Night, I’m not exactly thrilled that Yoona will be playing the leading lady. She’s fine as a singer but she sucks as an actress. There, I’ve said it. She may be the most dedicated and hardworking person on this show, but if she can’t act, then she really. can’t. act. I’d much prefer that these lead roles be given to someone more deserving, especially if it’s a newbie or an up-and-comer that has the talent already, but needs more projects under their belt to broaden their range and finetune their acting.

Sorry for getting preachy there, but it really frustrates me when idols are given leading roles when they either have little to no acting experience, or have the experience but suck big boba balls. Of course if they’re idols that are good at acting, then fine. But if they’re not, then they should just all stick to singing, please. Anyhow, I digress.

If any of you are interested — and still reading after my big rant above — the writer for this drama is Oh Soo Yeon, who wrote All About Eve and Autumn Tale. The drama’s expected to be broadcasted in March 2012. It began filming earlier this year, back in late-September, and should be mostly pre-produced before it’s premiere. Pre-production’s always a plus. Guaranteed.

News and Photos Sources: 10Asia and naver


22 thoughts on “Jang Geun Seok as an artist for Love Rain

  1. I think i must be one of the very few who actually really really liked Mary Stayed Up All Night 🙂 Although to be honest, I don’t think I saw past Jang Geun Seok – the guy sizzles in every scene !

    • Nope, you’re definitely not a minority in the “We love MSOAN club” because the drama’s actually did pretty well overseas. I just disliked it, though I do concur that Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young had great chemistry together. Too bad that drama was so dull for me. I wish I liked it and tried to, but Show and I just didn’t work out. Bummer.

  2. I am praying very fervently that YoonA does a decent job here. Diehard eel that I am, I still could not finish MSOAN, even when I just tried forwarding to the cute moments, so I won’t be able to finish if she is not good… 😥

  3. I liked MSOAN purely because of the chemistry between Moon Geun-young and Jang Geun-seok, and because I completely adore Kim Jae-wook. And after that amazing pairing of our GeunGeuns, the drama gods are putting him with Yoona? Suffice it to say that I completely agree with your rant, and I’m particularly upset that JGS – who has solid acting talent – is being paired with Yoona. I know that she’s insanely popular, and all the male idols are forever picking her as their ideal, but I fail to see her appeal. There are much more talented and prettier girls in her own group. (Not that I’m hating on her, and she’s certainly not ugly – I just think that she’s getting by in the industry because she’s pretty, and that’s it.)

    • I’ve heard comments that the casting choice was meant to be popular overseas, because both JGS and Yoona have huge fanbases in Japan. Okay. So you want the drama to bring in money. That’s fine. But with Yoona? In a melodrama? Opposite JGS? Are you mad? JGS has enough star clout to make up for another actress with a smaller fanbase but far more acting skill than Yoona. There are so many: Moon Geun Young herself, Kim Byul, Jung So Min…

      When I heard the news I just sat there with my mouth open. Way to go, PD. You’ve just killed any and all interest in this drama, which you only had because of JGS.

      • WORD. I honestly think that they don’t need to cast all these popstars as leads because hello, they’ve got Jang Geun Seok. I don’t hate Yoona either, but I think she’s overrated and she sure as heck doesn’t deserve to be casted as a leading female protagonist alongside Jang Geun Seok. God, I hope she’s improved or gotten an acting coach or else I may have to sit out on this one next year.

  4. JGS’ hair is very seventies….i don’t love it but it somehow doesn’t look too bad on him….she looks pretty as expected…but I also expect some bland acting…..to say that I’m not expecting much is an understatement ‘cuz besides Yoona and the rest of the cast comprising of newbies (mostly), there’s also the fact that plot was not the seasons dramas’ greatest forte…or at least not the kind that will hold up in 2012..we’ve gotten everything from cancer, amnesia, blindness, fauxcest, evil mommies and daddies to implanted hearts that have memories…and kids in love who had parents that were in love??…i dont know why but there is an ick factor somewhere there too…I’ll still check it out for all the pretty I guess, ‘cuz besides JGS and Yoona there will also be the gorgeous cinematography that PD Yoon is known for…also Kim Shi Hoo looks a lot like Won Bin…makes me wonder if he’ll make a breakthrough like Won-Bin did with AiMH..hopefully JGS will not become the next Yonsama through this….though it does look like his career is going somewhere in that direction right now (I kind you not they’re already calling him Geunsama in Japan)

    • ….

      Heck to the NO on Jang Geun Seok being called Geunsama in Japan. Bcause if Jang Geun Seok really does turn into Yonsama, I might hurl or punch a wall. At least he doesn’t creep me out like Yonsama does. For now.

  5. It has Yoona as the female lead, so I won’t watch it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the girl or anything, but her acting is uhn…worrisome (?) And I already saw 3 of her projects. But I do hope that she does good and improve, since this is a big project.

  6. Oh, and I totaly agree with you that it’s really unfair the fact that her being an idol weighs more than the great talent of little known young people. Anyway, I will never understand her appeal, since neither her dance and sing are outstanding.

  7. Interesting..The girl’s pretty. =) But I’m not gonna watch it [you already knew that]. Actually, if anything I’d be interested in how the actors portray two characters that are supposed to be contrasting..

    • Yeah, me too. I have no idea how Jang Geun Seok and Yoona are going to play two contrasting main characters that span two generations. And both leads in both generations will fall in love with each other, but of course the leads in the first generation don’t end up together…

      You watched Winter Sonata, didn’t you honey? Man, that was the most stereotypical drama. EVER. And I hope this one has something new to bring to the table. Because if it doesn’t, I’m out.

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