This is a short squealing post

The past two days have been quite memorable and fun for me, which I’ll share more about in my upcoming posts later this week. In particular, one of the highlights of my weekend was watching Penny-Pinching Romance with some of my favoritest people in the whole world. (A post on the movie is a’coming).

I’m not sure what I expected from the movie besides some funnies and easy entertainment, but I sure as heck didn’t expect to find myself on the verge of a heart attack in the middle of a movie at the theater. Oh Song Joong Ki, how I love thee.

I’ve always liked him in his dramas and thought that he was the sweetest thing since strawberry banana Belgian waffles, but it didn’t really hit me just how effing awesome he was until I saw PPR. And Lord have mercy, because he was, for lack of a better term, AWESOME.

When one reaches enlightenment and hears angels singing “hallelujah” in the background, it’s hard to turn back to the pre-enlightenment stage of life. I know that there are a ton of fans who love him to death, and some of them are even my friends in K-dramaland, but I don’t care. I’ll also completely ignore the fact that he’s considered public property, because I get it now, oh yes I do. I’m late in saying this but since I’m going by the rule of better late than never…

Song Joong Ki is mine mine mine.






Oh, and in case any of you were wondering, these photos are from an interview he had with Newsen a few days ago. Yeah, he’s pretty hot.

Photo Source: Newsen


13 thoughts on “This is a short squealing post

  1. but it didn’t really hit me just how effing awesome he was until I saw PPR.
    Haven’t checked out TwDR yet, have you?
    For now you only have one word for him…but after watching the first 4 episodes of this drama you wont have any left…he is that brilliant
    ummmmm…and I believe the line for Son Joong Ki will take you to the moon and then back

    • Yeah, I haven’t gotten around to watching TWDR yet, but I will be doing that before I write up my year-end review. 😀

      And I’ve heard nothing but great things about Song Joong Ki in TWDR. In Sungkyunkwan Scandal, I think that we were able to get only a few glimpses of his intensity, which is fine because he only played a supporting character role and it was a stepping stone in his acting career. That isn’t to say that he didn’t make an impression in SKKS, because he did and I loved him in it, but the story wasn’t focused on him and half of the time I was playing attention to Yoo Ah In’s Moon Jae Shin.

      I think Song’s ready to play the leading man in every drama now, having seen him go from comedy to melo in a mere two hours. He’s absolutely wonderful. ❤

  2. Psht, whatever. All you girls are trying to steal my ILU, and it ain’t gonna happen. I have no idea what this nonsense about “public property” is, either. ^_~

    But man, I wish there was a little more cultural diversity in my area. Boo for all the middle-class white people. We have no foreign movies playing here, so I have to wait for someone to rip the DVD of PPR and upload it before I can see it. My soul chafes with impatience.

    • Don’t expect much about the movie because without Song Joong Ki, it would’ve sucked a whole lot more. The good news is, Han Ye Seul’s not too bad and is rather forgettable. She’s such a wooden, bland actress but your ILU knocked it out of the ball park with his character. He was the very soul of the movie, breathing life into his character to make him not only lovable, but relatable too. It’s good and I hope that you’ll be able to watch it soon!

      • Maybe the wolfman one will be better – Park Bo-young is a much better actress, anyway. And the story sounds more interesting to begin with. Argh, I can’t wait. And I’m so psyched to move to Korea. I’m going to stalk him until he marries me for real, haha. ^_~

        • Yeah, I really want to watch that movie too because I really like both leads. I think Song Joong Ki can have chemistry with anyone, though onscreen chemistry with his female co-stars aren’t always mutual. *cough, Han Ye Seul, cough*

    • Hmmm…I’ll have to think about that. 😉

      Because I want the rights for marriage for Jung Kyeo Woon too. Oh wait, polygandry’s not legal. A girl can’t have ’em all. Sigh.

  3. *backs away slowly* He’s all yours, dear…except on the weekends! Har har.

    *Pouts* I’m going crazy waiting for a DVD rip of PPR. SJK looks so unbelievably beautiful in photos, but he exudes this totally masculine aura onscreen. Combination = instant fangirling. 🙂

    • Oh yes. You don’t want to get between me and my man. RAWR!

      I don’t blame many people for underestimating Song Joong Ki’s acting because he’s so pretty and feminine-looking from the outset, but once he starts acting, all initial misconceptions are blown out of the water. He’s so darn amazinggggggggg! Squeeeee!

      Sorry, I couldn’t help squealing at the end. My bad.

  4. Okay, I didn’t expect the “My Precious” but I was laughing so hard my sister thought I’d gone insane (until I told her then she joined in). I love the “sweeter than strawberry banana Belgian waffles” as that was pretty much how I saw him. I think I might have to take another look ^.~

    • Hahahahaha! I’m so glad that you and your sister got a kick out of my squealing post. It always makes me happy to hear that my post, which wasn’t meant to be intentionally hilarious, was actually quite funny. 😀

      But I really did squeal like that outloud. Heehee.

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