Dodo’s Ideal Type World Cup Challenge, Part I

While looking at my calendar two weeks ago, I realized that my blog was fast approaching its first anniversary on wordpress and that I had better start doing something special in celebration for the occasion. Birthdays aren’t a huge deal in my family and we tend to keep things pretty low-key, but I figured that since it was DBJ’s first bloggyversary, I might as well go all out and make it a good one. But what could I do? Hold a contest or a random drawing? Write up a review for a drama since I haven’t released any new ones during the past year? Or should I just hand out some snacks and give a brief thank you speech?

And then I came up with the craziest idea ever, which you can see from the title of this post. Then again, I guess it’s not that wacked-out of an idea because there’s actually a ideal type quiz you can take on soompi for fun, but it’s mostly filled with idol stars whose faces I don’t recognize.

There wasn’t a particular reason behind this idea besides the fact that it fulfills my personal Kdrama dream of choosing one man among a slew of hot men. Heh, like any gal’s gonna say no to that, right?

Lo and behold, I present to you all my version of the game, Ideal World Cup — it’s a game that anyone can play!

How the game works:

Similar to the variety show, my Ideal World Cup starts off with 32 contestants in the first round, 16 in the second, and so on until I’m down to my last pair. Instead of just basing my choice purely off their looks or personal preferences, I’ll choose based off of a question that was randomly assigned to each pair. Even though I’m the one that will be determining who makes it to the next round, y’all can still play and tell me who YOU would choose and why. A poll’s included towards the end of the post. 🙂

How I paired the K-actors and assigned questions to each:

I first alphabetized each of the K-actors given to me by their last names and then assigned a number to them. I then used a random number generator to determine who was paired up with who, and to sort out which questions were given to each pair. Yay for stats? Here’s the entire list of actors that were included in this game:

  1. Cha Seung Won
  2. Eom Ki Joon
  3. Gong Yoo
  4. Ha Jung Woo
  5. Hwang Jung Min
  6. Jang Geun Seok
  7. Jang Hyuk
  8. Jung Il Woo
  9. Jung Kyeo Woon
  10. Kang Dong Won
  11. Kim Gab Soo
  12. Kim Hyun Joong
  13. Kim Jae Wook
  14. Kim Ju Hyuk
  15. Kim Nam Gil
  16. Kim Soo Hyun
  17. Lee Min Ho
  18. Lee Seon Kyun
  19. Lim Ju Hwan
  20. Oh Ji Ho
  21. Oh Man Seok
  22. Park Ki Woong
  23. Park Shi Hoo
  24. Rain
  25. Siwon
  26. So Ji Sub
  27. So Ji Seok
  28. Song Joong Ki
  29. Uhm Tae Woong
  30. Won Bin
  31. Yeon Jung Hoon
  32. Yoon Kye Sang

I’d like to thank kaedejun, estel913, xiaoSxin, gummimochi, serendipity, and Blue1004 for contributing the names for the game. They were told to choose actors they either liked or disliked, and with the exception of kaedejun (because she also helped me out in the next step), they weren’t told what I was going to do with those names. Mysterious, I was.

As for the questions, I came up with a few but I was also very happy to have ripgal86, klutzow, momosan, svdbygrcty and kaedejun for helping me think up of questions for the game, especially on such a short notice too. Love you all!

Are you guys excited? I am! Let the battle begin!


(My choices are italicized)

1. Imagine that you had too much to drink and woke up one morning and found a stranger in your bed. Who would that person be?

Kim Soo Hyun vs. Lim Ju Hwan

2. Whom would you rather have tell you he’s gay, but then find out later that he’s not?

So Ji Sub vs. Jang Hyuk

3. Who would you want to fall in love with but then discover that he’s your blood-related brother? (Therefore you two can’t be together because Fate sucks like that.)

Rain vs. Kim Nam Gil

4. Whom would you like to go horseback riding with (TPM style)?

Hwang Jung Min vs. Won Bin

5. Whom would you dress up in ridiculous outfits and take selcas with?

Kim Gab Soo vs. Gong Yoo

6. Who would you want to be wrist-grabbed by when you leave?

Siwon vs. Kang Dong Won

7. If you were to die of leukemia, whose bone marrow would you like to receive in order to save you (regardless of matching factors) so that you two will be bound together forever?

Uhm Tae Woong vs. Seo Ji Seok

8. Whom would you name your stuffed animal (aka a pig-rabbit) after?

Kim Hyun Joong vs. Song Joong Ki

9. Whom would you rather switch identities with?

Eom Ki Joon vs. Yeon Jung Hoon

10. Who do you think would look better bald?

Kim Jae Wook vs. Yoon Kye Sang

11. It’s your bloggyversary. Whom do you want to be kissed by?

Jung Il Woo vs. Jang Geun Seok

12. Whom would you not introduce to your girlfriends because you want him to be yours and yours only?

Jung Kyeo Woon vs. Cha Seung Won


13. Whom would you be more likely to talk about cars and sports with?

Park Shi Hoo vs. Park Ki Woong

14. Whom would you like to see in a sparkly tracksuit?

Lee Min Ho vs. Lee Seon Kyun


15. Whom would you rather see as a talk show host?

Oh Ji Ho vs. Oh Man Seok

16. Whom would you like to tango with?

Ha Jung Woo vs. Kim Ju Hyuk


Whew, that was fun! Round 2 will be coming right up later today! Were my answers similar to any of yours? Join in on DBJ’s first anniversary celebration and play the game by taking the poll! And if you have more time, please tell me who you chose too! 😀


33 thoughts on “Dodo’s Ideal Type World Cup Challenge, Part I

  1. FIRST!

    DAMN it was hard. but thanks for the pretty!! JGW versus CSW was tough, but JGW is more likely to be stolen by others. and i’d rather be kissed by JIW because i learned in ep11 of FBRS he’s a GREAT kisser. also JGS’ fashion sense is a turn off.

    • I am imagining Lee Seon Gyun in a sparkly tracksuit now. GLORIOUS.

      And me drinking together with LJH si more plausible than with young’in KSH. Unless he does a perfect noona-pout-wiggle ala SJK. Maybe? Lol

    • You were freaking fast, woman! But thanks for playing! ❤

      Well, I was sort of thinking along the lines that I'd be more willing to share JKW than CSW, so that's why I went by the latter. And yeah, JIW looks like he'd be a better kisser than JGS. My love for JIW's stronger than my love for JGS these days anyway.

      • I hurried over here & run through the questions. I could have ponder on some of them for a lot longer^^ But then, I see you added part 2 & 3! I’m hoping I can access your site from Shanghai(you know how they censor everything there & block some if they feel like it). I’ll have plenty of time there for sure.

    • Thanks so much, unni! It’s funny that you feel nervous because I’m sure that if we were actually put in the situation of choosing one man among 32, we’d die from spazzing out and stuff. Or at least I would. ^^

    • Haha really now, you’re not going to share who you’d rather kiss? XD

      I guess for some people, Jang Geun Seok would be the preferred choice, but for me, after seeing how Jung Il Woo could kiss in FBRS (just from the stills), I HAD to choose him. It was like a no-brainer! Heehee.

  2. Happy anniversary! *throws flowers*

    This was so much fun. I picked Kim Jae Wook to go bald because I don’t want my I Lub You Yoon Kye Sang to lose his hair, lol. Though the hardest was the kiss question – how am I supposed to choose? Can I have both?

    Diorama’s ideal day: horse riding with Won Bin, get wrist-grabbed by Siwon, escape for a date with Cha Seung Won, run into Gong Yoo in the picture booth, tango with Ha Jung Woo, drinks and chat with Park Ki Woong, and then wake up the next morning with Kim Soo Hyun….Yeah. Maybe in the next life.

    • LOL. Of course you can’t have both because you have to choose ONE! That’s part of the game, silly. Believe me, if I could do it, you can too. 😛

      That sounds like an awesome day in K-dramaland! And of course it could happen in this life too. Just make cardboard cutouts of each star and take them along with you! That works too, no? Hahaha.

  3. Happy ~ Bloggyversary!~ Yay! \*-*/

    Seriously? Who puts Hwang Jung Min vs. Won Bin, Rain vs. Kim Nam Gil and So Ji Sub vs. Jang Hyuk? Seriously??? Which crazy program did you use to do those pairings? I’m going to make an online complaint against it. *Still recovering sanity*

    Hehe, anyway, I loved your quiz! The gorgeous selection of the photos was a plus and put a smile in my face! 🙂

    Now, back to that stupid article.

    • I used a random number generator I found online for the pairings and the assignment of the questions. I get what you mean, though, because the random number generator made things super hard for me later in all the rounds. It was pretty ridiculous.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed playing this game and that it made you smile! Just hearing that makes ME smile. You’re awesome! Thanks so much for supporting this blog again. Good luck on whatever article you’re writing/reading!

  4. BTW.. I chose to get wrist grabbed by Siwon because I am hoping he will take me straight to Yesung and introduce me to him. Heeeeeeee ❤

    • and also if it happens that Jung Il Woo and Song Joong Ki go up against each other on who I would kiss or who is the better kisser… SONG JOONG KI. Hands down. Oh yeah!

      • LOL. Yeah, I might pick Song Joong Ki over Jung Il Woo too, since it seems like he’d be a better lover. *remembers Penny-Pinching Romance and blushes*

        Dude, you’re going to DIE when you see the next pairings for Round 2. OMFG IT WAS AWFUL CHOOSING. In fact, I’m still going back and forth between my choices right now. Ahhhhh!!!

        Thanks so much for sharing your choices. And HAH! You would pick Siwon just so you could get to someone else in Super Junior. I don’t blame you, though. I mean, maybe Siwon could take me to Hangeng… Darn, now that I think about it, maybe I should’ve picked Siwon! Lol just kidding!

      • If that ever happened, I’d just kiss both. Let’s be honest. Who cares about little quibbles over who’s the better kisser? I’d have to have some first-hand experience before I could really be a good judge. ^_~ kkk

  5. Yay! Happy bloggyversary, mei mei! *\O/* <– me waving pompoms

    This was indeed a nice reward for finishing my paper. Whew. So glad THAT's out of the way. But not the easiest thing ever, that's for sure! I mean, JIW vs. JGS?? I only went with JIW because while I really like the characters they both play, in real life I think I'd like JIW more. He's still too young, though. (I'd still kiss him if he offered, though, kkk.) Your questions were hilarious, and I never would have had the imagination to come up with such good ones! Kudos to you. ~gives Dodo a kudo~ But I think Kim Jae-wook would totally rock being bald. He's rocked every other look out there, why not bald? I hope, though, that he keeps his hair, 'cause I like it long. I guess we'll find out when he goes to the army, right?

    I'm not sure who's going to win out for me. Well, duh, it's going to be Song Joong-ki, he's not my ILU for nothing. But the competition could be stiff. ^_~

    • I think what makes this challenge so much harder is that I’m choosing my “ideal” based off of questions. And nope, I didn’t come up with every question myself and actually came up with only about half of ’em so I can’t take credit for all the wacky and hilarious ones.The rest were thought up by others. 🙂

      I initially chose Kim Jae Wook for the bald question, but then switched my choice to Yoon Kye Sang because I’ve seen him more with short hair and Kim Jae Wook with long hair. I prefer the long on KJW. So yup.

    • Now now, there’s no need to shout at me (caps lock=shouting). ^^” The reason why Kang Ji Hwan’s not listed is because the people I asked to contribute to this post didn’t list him as their favorite or least favorite actor. Of course, you can’t really blame them since there’s hundreds of K-actors to choose from. Plus, I only allowed them to name a certain number and they were quite selective in choosing who they loved or hated as an actor the most.

      I hope you were still able to vote and have fun choosing your favorite pairs! Thanks for stopping by!

    • LOL. You were stumped on the first question? Really? Er…was it because it was a bad question/you couldn’t imagine yourself in that situation, or because you couldn’t choose between the two guys?

      Thanks for playing, dear unni!

      • I love them BOTH! I want them both! I usually try to stay away from the crazy-woman-crushing-young-men scene, but these two pretty boys (who can ACT!) totally float my boat. Gah, I’m already regretting my choice, because I also really want the one I DIDN’T pick. And I can’t even scold you for being cruel, since the quiz was randomly generated (clever you).

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