Dodo’s Ideal Type World Cup Challenge, Part II

Hi everybody! Thanks to all who have been playing the game so far and for wishing DBJ a happy bloggyversary! Ready for another round? If y’all thought round one was tough, boy are you in for a surprise for round two! I think the random number generator is being controlled by the drama gods, for I’m finding myself having to choose between some of my favorites. I myself had such a hard time with this round, but I gotta say, I had a ton of fun choosing. Let the battle continue!

Round 2:

1. Who might be more likely to read a romance novel at the bookstore with you?

So Ji Sub vs. Kim Soo Hyun

2. This year Santa decided to be nice and work with the drama gods to bring you all that your heart desired. Whom would you want as an errand boy/puppy for Christmas to do your every bidding?

Yeon Jung Hoon vs. Yoon Kye Sang

3. If you were given the option to meet one of the two stars below in return for your firstborn child, whom would you choose?

Uhm Tae Woong vs. Lee Seon Kyun (Holy shiz, this totally happened by chance! O_O)

4. Let’s say you were unfortunate enough to have friends that would sell your house while you were on vacation. When you come back, you find out that all your stuff is gone and that you’re now homeless. So you strike up a contract deal with the new owner in town and he turns out to be some big actor that recently was involved in some huge scandal. What ends up happening is a contract marriage between both parties. Who would that actor be?

Song Joong Ki vs. Won Bin

5. Who would have the better noona pout wiggle?

Kim Gab Soo vs. Park Shi Hoo

6. Which man would you be more likely to beat up on a bad day?

Cha Seung Won vs.  Siwon

7. Who would be the better cold-hearted chaebol turned nice guy softie?

Jung Il Woo vs. Kim Nam Gil

8. Whom would you take along to not only shop at Victoria’s Secret (a lingerie store) with you, but to help you choose your sleepwear?

Ha Jung Woo vs. Oh Man Seok

End of Round 2!

Now it’s your turn to play the game! Who would you choose?


18 thoughts on “Dodo’s Ideal Type World Cup Challenge, Part II

  1. Awwww, Seo Ji-seok and Kim Jae-wook are gone! Sad. 😦

    Man, I would willingly loose my house if it meant ending up like Song Hye-gyo on Full House. Total no-brainer for me.

      • I had a really hard time choosing Won Bin over Song Joong Ki. It was just plain hard. I’d love to have a contract marriage with Song Joong Ki, but then again, it’s WON BIN. Plus, I couldn’t imagine SJK being involved in a scandal big enough that would warrant him to end up having to pull the contract marriage card to save his image.

  2. Meanie! How could I choose between Yeon Jung Hoon and Yoon Kye Sang? It just doesn’t compute. That one was the hardest for me.

    Although I do have several actors I could bring lingerie-shopping with me. *chortles*

    • Which question(s) are killing you, unni?

      Next time, I’m going to ask you to help me come up with some of them so perhaps it won’t be as hard. Har har har.

    • I think there are people out there who probably hate me for choosing Kim Gab Soo over Gong Yoo. Not that I’d care, of course. I’d much prefer seeing him dressed up in ridiculous outfits and taking a selca with him over any other star, any day! [You should be happy to note that people chose Oh Man Seok over Oh Ji Ho on the first poll too. ^^]

  3. I’m tellin’ you here already who my final two choices will be: Won Bin and Cha Seung Won. I will cry if I have to choose between the two. C.R.Y.

    This is so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eeeee…

    Oh wait… aren’t you suppose to be studying? O_o

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