Dodo’s Ideal Type World Cup Challenge, Part III

We’re halfway done! The torture is almost over but the game’s getting harder as we head towards the finish line. Even I’m surprised by the choices I made during this challenge, because I certainly didn’t expect to pick a few men that I ended up selecting. In fact, I’m still sad for eliminating Jung Kyeo Woon and Song Joong Ki so early in the game. Sorry, loves. Please forgive me!

Round 3:

1. Whose fart would smell better to you? (WTF is this question?!? LOL.)

Uhm Tae Woong vs. Yoon Kye Sang

2. If you were to die tomorrow, which man would you want to give you your last piggy-back on the beach, Autumn In My Heart style?

Jung Il Woo vs. So Ji Sub

3. Imagine that you won a free plastic surgery makeover. Whose nose would you want on your face?

Won Bin vs. Cha Seung Won

4. Who would fit the image of a “flower boy” perfectly? (Think of all the F4 and K-pop groups out there.)

Ha Jung Woo vs. Park Shi Hoo

End of Round 3

Just to make it clear — I really did use a random number generator to pair up each actor. So if you find yourself stumped on a particular pairing, you can’t blame me! Heehee. I also assigned questions to each pair randomly too, which is what made this game all the more challenging for all of us. I would’ve never been able to come up with the pairings myself, and believe me, I was cursing the drama gods at one point for forcing me pick a winner among some of my favorites.

Who thought that this would be a good idea in the first place, anyway? Not moi.

Some of these questions in this particular group was straight-up wacky and totally out of the blue. Still, it was really fun! Now it’s your turn again! Vote vote vote!


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