Yoo Seung Ho is officially on for K-version of Proposal Daisakusen

I know I wrote about Yoo Seung Ho starring in the Korean remake of Proposal Daisakusen weeks ago, but after I wrote up that post, there were other news outlets that kept saying that he wasn’t “officially onboard.”

(Side note: God, the Korean media is ridiculous when it comes to casting calls because one minute someone will be casted for a leading role, and the next thing you know, they’re not. It’s super annoying, especially since it seems as if there’s a spike in false or rumored casting calls in recent years.)

It’s then a relief that the casting calls about him starring in Operation Love ended up being true and that he’ll be playing the lead in this upcoming romantic fantasy melodrama. (Note: It’s no longer listed as a rom-com, but a melodrama. Boo.)

He’s playing a character named Kang Baek Ho, who realizes that he’s in love with his best friend when he’s at her wedding. He gets a second chance at love because Fate lets him travel back in time to win her heart. Don’t we all wish we were all lucky enough to undo our regrets?

Yoo Seung Ho took up the role because he was drawn to his character and was intrigued at the idea of doing a time-travel drama. He also chose this project because he wanted to use this opportunity to show a different side to himself through his acting.

The writer for this drama will be Yoon Ji Ryun (Boys Before Flowers) and the PD is Kim Woo Sun (You Are Quite Beautiful). Sigh. My excitement for this upcoming drama has dropped a bit now.

I’m not a big fan of the writer that brought us one of the crackiest, but worst objective drama of 2009, and I don’t know much about the PD to really care about his works. I’m hoping that Yoo Seung Ho will get a solid lead actress as his leading lady, and that the supporting cast will also be good too. Because otherwise, I’m not sure I can just watch a drama, and a melodrama at that, purely for Yoo Seung Ho. We’ll see, though.

The drama will air sometime in February 2012 on cable channel TV Chosun.

News and Photo Source: 10Asia, soompi, and Yonhap News


One thought on “Yoo Seung Ho is officially on for K-version of Proposal Daisakusen

  1. Okay if the writer is the one who wrote BBF, I am going to wait and hear the verdict before investing time into watching…. Sigh. Because it might be too cracktastic to stop even though it’s illogical and terrible.

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