A truce for Jung Kyeo Woon

endodo: For those of you who follow both of our blogs, you probably know that kae and I love Jung Kyeo Woon and have actually fought over him publicly a few times. Or once in public. And many times privately. I forget.

kaedejun: Since sharing Jung Gyu Woon was out of the question, we decided to battle for him. Literally. Air hockey – here we come!

endodo: It was pretty intense. We didn’t score any points for a few minutes, but after I scored the first point, Kae got a point. Then I scored, then it was Kae. Until we were tied!  Dun dun dun… But before we could break the tie, the game ended.

kaedejun: Stupid drama gods. Won’t let me have Jung Gyu Woon for myself when I clearly won. So clearly!

endodo: We were 2-2. It was completely fair and quite a hilarious scene. I mean, there we were, playing to claim our love for him annnnnddd no one came out the winner. Clearly the drama gods wanted us to share him for eternity…

kaedejun: Eternity is overrated. And long. How’s about until History of a Salesman? We can pretend to be Hong Soo Hyun and Jung Ryeo Won, and see who ends up with him? I don’t mind being Kim Suh Hyung and whipping out my guns.

endodo: I’m choosing Hong Soo Hyun! Um, you do know that Jung Ryeo Won’s the main female lead so it’s obvies that he’s going to fall for her, which means I’d lose. We already called a truce, girlfriend. There are pictures to prove it!

kaedejun: Photos can be photoshopped.

endodo: True, but we had a witness. You don’t want me to call her in, do ya? And we so agreed that we would call a truce. YOU AGREED. You can’t change your mind now! Hmph!

kaedejun: *grumble grumble* Moving on… History of a Salesman – to watch for the sake of love? or ditch for the sake of preserving love? I fully expect Jung Gyu Woon to make a fool of himself at one point or another.

endodo: I’m probably going to watch it out of love because Romance Town ended up being a dud towards the end. Gawd, I still have to finish that drama for completion’s sake. Hey, you’ve watched almost everything of his in recent years, right? Even your love for Park Shi Hoo doesn’t go that far, but that’s not really his fault.

kaedejun: Yeah – it’s insane how I watched everything of Jung Gyu Woon’s in the past year, and it’s not because I intended to. He just ended up being in dramas I was going to watch. As for Park Shi Hoo – while he is insanely lovable, he just ends up in these long dramas that kill my patience. Hence I drop them. But history of drama watching isn’t going to be on Jung’s side for this one. I find myself wanting to pass on this drama.

endodo: If anything, I’ll watch for him and the rest of the leads. I’m not a huge fan of Jung Ryeo Won, but I do love Hong Soo Hyun, especially after watching her acting blossom and mature in The Princess’s Man. Plus, it’s produced by the team that brought last year’s hit, Giant. While I didn’t finish that drama, I heard it was pretty phenomenal.

kaedejun: I heard that too. I didn’t watch Giant, but from the sounds of it, it seemed compelling. However, you’re not really going to pull me in with such a campy photo shoot. I have no effin’ idea what that drama is about! Surprises are not my thing.

endodo: I’m really curious to see what the drama’s actually about. I thought it was just going to be about a salaryman’s life story and the struggles that he would go through. No one said anything about a war and the leads doing a victory dance. I think I just want a good laugh, is all.

kaedejun: HA! The team that brought you Giant to bring you laughs? Good luck with that! For me, they’ll forever be remembered as the team that brought a tanned, botoxed Jung Gyu Woon to the small screen. I’m so mean – but tough love, baby, tough love. My man can handle it. :)

endodo: ….. I’m sure that MY man can handle anything just fine. He does seem to be able to do melo quite well. I wonder if it was the tanning that made him look more botoxed, or that he really got botox. You saw his cameo stills in that Captain drama with Ji Jin Hee, right? He looks fine there. You’re right in that the Giant production team will probably bring us a lot of weepy and dramatic plot lines, but I’m hoping it will be of the heartfelt kind, and not too contrived. And please keep the episodes under 20, too. Which probably won’t happen.

kaedejun: Haha! Hell no – I bet on 30 episodes minimum. It’s only sad that Jung is second fiddle to Lee Beom Soo. Although there isn’t much information on his character, I wonder if Jung is going to be the antagonist to Lee Bum Soo’s character – not just in love, but his rival at work. I’d love to see Jung act as a villain – but only if he goes all out in his villainy. It’s no fun if they’re just work rivals for no real reason at all. Sabotage and destroy!! That’s what the guns are for, right?

endodo: Oh most definitely. I’m pretty sure that Jung Kyeo Woon can play a villain or at least a very dark character. You’re not the only one who’s disappointed that he’s playing second fiddle to Lee Bum Soo — I’d much rather have him as the first lead. I think what I’ll do is look to see how many episodes this drama is slated for, then check out the first episode. It’s not that I can’t watch something more than 20 episodes, but that I really don’t want to invest myself into a long drama unless it’s good. Most dramas, however, don’t need to be more than 20 episodes and that’s when I tune out.

kaedejun: We’ll see if the drama gods open up the 25th Hour portal for me. If so, I’ll tune in for episode 1, and brace myself for Jung Gyu Woon stretching out his hand, saying, “Come to meeeee~”


7 thoughts on “A truce for Jung Kyeo Woon

  1. Both of you are hilarious! This banter really cracks me up. I suggest one last game to try and break this 2nd truce for JKW, if not accept that fate wants JKW to be shared. Another Bokbulbok game! Dodo MUST abide by the results of the game this time!

    BTW, I have the rights to the photos, no photoshopping allowed! ^__^

    • I’m sorry, but I don’t want to determine who gets to MINE JKW based on a game like bokbulbok! Even if I win, that just wouldn’t be quite fair. And we’ve established a truce already, oh yes we have! :]

  2. I’ve recently joined of JKW ship eversince I watch Salaryman (great drama, great drama)! Eeee! Been roaming around google for any of his interviews and found your blog. Lol. Just finished Dr. Champ and now will marathoning Romance Town when I get home from work today. 😀

    • Welcome to DBJ, nik! I’m happy that you’re a JKW fan. Just a word of caution, he’s MINE though, okay? 😛

      I think Dr. Champ was better than Romance Town in overall quality and enjoyability. I thought the latter drama started off well, but wasn’t able to really balance all the storylines. Still, it’s an entertaining ride, for the most part.

      • Haha! He will be public property soon! For now, just share his pointy ear with me? *puppy eyes*

        sigh. I wish there are subs for his appearance in Ya Shim Man Man and Strong Heart. T_T

        • Even if he did somehow become public property, I’ve got first dibs. Sorry, I don’t share JKW with anyone else except for kaedejun. But that’s because we fought over an air hockey battle and it turned out to be a tie. So for now, we’ve declared a truce. But you’re welcome to admire him from afar! Kekeke! I certainly don’t mind others joining the JKW fanclub, as long as they keep their paws off my man! 😛

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