Dodo’s Ideal Type World Cup Challenge, Part IV

You should all know the drill by now so I won’t elaborate further except to say I’m never going to have all of you participate in a game like this ever again. Gosh, I feel as if all my energy’s drained during the selection process of my own personal ideal cup challenge. I came up with this idea thinking that I’d be fulfilling my K-drama dream of choosing an ideal actor among many, but never did I expect for this game to be such a time-consuming challenge.

1. In your opinion, who is the better actor?

Uhm Tae Woong vs. Park Shi Hoo

2. If you suddenly became a zombie, whose brain would be more delicious?

Jung Il Woo vs. Won Bin

End of Round 4!

I chose Uhm Tae Woong over Park Shi Hoo because the former’s got more experience when it comes to acting. He’s also amazing in all his projects as an actor, though his character sucked in Dr. Champ.

For the second question, I chose Jung Il Woo’s brains as being more delicious because he’s younger. This selection was based off of the conception that meat that’s younger = being more tender and delicious.

Your turn now!


14 thoughts on “Dodo’s Ideal Type World Cup Challenge, Part IV

  1. Gosh, I feel like my brain was eaten right now, with the whirl of the game. Anyway, Uhm Tae Woong and Won Bin, fighting!
    Can’t the last round end with two cutie pies? ;-;
    I’m loving this game, hehe. It tastes even better after finishing my last test and finally being freeeeee.

  2. Sniff… emotionally drained. Why, oh why, did the Challenge Gods have to pit my 2 favs together in the Brain-Eating-Zombie category?!?!!! At least right now it’s 50/50.

    (Seriously, this is JUST a game. I need to go pinch myself and get a grip on reality. >.<)

  3. *Sob* It’s like I’m sentencing them to death or something, the way I feel. Bye bye, Won Bin and Park Shi Hoo! Let’s meet again in another life…

    • Bwahahahaha! Sorry, I laughed SO hard at your comment because I’m sure you’re not the only one that feels that way.

      Don’t worry, you can go pick ’em up from the trashbin now, where they’ve been hanging out with other big name stars while waiting for their owners to come claim ’em.

  4. OMG. You are going to have JIW and UTW go up against each other for the final round?? Maknae…. why oh why you do this to your unnis?!

    Now you know that the winner hinges upon that final question… because both of them are delicious in so many ways that it will be really hard to pick one out.

    • Because the random number generator is evil and is being controlled by the drama gods, that’s why Uhm Tae Woong will be pitted against Jung Il Woo in the final round.

      I know, it was so hard for me to choose, but the final question’s really based off of one’s own personal preferences. Which was still hard.

  5. haha I must be having a very slow brain day, it’s up till this point I realize I’ve been biased-ly picking everything UTW or JIW.

    BUT I’ll be screaming UTW FTW (he had both the T. and W. in F!T!W!!!)

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