History of the Salaryman releases trailer and more stills

Oh man, I don’t know what to make of this drama since it’s constantly surprising me with all its promo stuff. Initially after watching how wacky History of the Salaryman‘s newly released music video was yesterday, my interest in this drama plummeted. Then I watched it again this morning, and it cracked me up until I got stomachache. I was afraid that this drama was going to be entirely too melodramatic for my tastes, but based on a 40-second trailer, it doesn’t look that way at all. In fact, it looks like HOTS might end up being a fun ride.

Here, take a look for yourselves!

The trailer:


Lee Beom Soo‘s line at the end of the trailer, “Curious, aren’t you? You’ll just have to wait and see” is not only hilarious but adorable. Now that my interest’s piqued and I’m back onboard for this show, I can’t wait to see what episode 1 is like. And it looks like I was right and I really will get a kick out of this drama.

The MV:


Below are some stills of Lee Beom Soo, Jung Kyeo Woon, Jung Ryeo Won, Lee Duk Hwa, and Hong Soo Hyun on set from the drama and at one of their press conferences. It’s really not much but hey, I’ll take whatever I can get. 🙂


The drama premieres next year in January.

Sources: ockoala, History of the Salaryman’s official website

2 thoughts on “History of the Salaryman releases trailer and more stills

  1. The trailer was a whack job. But think it was purposely done so to make us curious. hehe. I’m all for this when it comes out. The overall cast is just too YUM to pass.

    • They probably did make that MV to make us all laugh and to pique our interest. It’s just nowhere near what I expected it to be. Heehee. Did you notice in the MV that Jung Kyeo Woon was laughing while he was dancing? I think it was somewhere around 3:25. SO cute! XD

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