SNSD’s Yuri in contention for leading female role in Fashion King

It was announced today that SNSD member Yuri is in talks with the production team for the upcoming drama Fashion King, along with actress Shin Se Kyung.

My reaction: Nooooooooooo!!! Not the one with Yoo Ah In! No, drama gods, no!

Apparently the producer for the upcoming drama saw Yuri’s potential as an actress from her acting for SNSD’s music videos, and thought that she had the skills necessary to suit this role. Fashion King deals with a rags to riches storyline, and it’s about a man who finds success in the fashion industry after starting off poorly in the streets.

I’m sorry, but one SNSD member, whose name I don’t even want to hear, is already starring alongside Jang Geun Seok in Love Rain. Now you’re telling me that there’s a possibility Yuri will be cast as a female lead with Yoo Ah In? No. freaking. way! I don’t care how well she acted for SNSD’s music videos because the point is, she’s not a real actress. The drama’s production team shouldn’t even consider her for a 16-episode plus drama. Why consider more pop singers instead of more actresses, huh? Since I already ranted about pop singers in a previous post last time, I’ll stop here. Ugh.

I only hope that this is just a casting rumor, especially since the Korean media is notorious these days for their false casting calls.

The drama is planning to premiere in March on SBS, following History of the Salaryman.

News and Photo Sources: Star Money and soompi


14 thoughts on “SNSD’s Yuri in contention for leading female role in Fashion King

  1. ughhhhhh…YAI has some luck…first there was talks of SooYoung with him in Speed..but looks like he wont be doing that now….unfortunately it’s still got Lee Jung Jae attached to it so I may still have to watch that…but now it looks like he’ll be picking this and we get another idol alongside him??

  2. Ewww, WTH is happening with the casting of so many idols? And what’s worse, with so many SNSD girls! There are “she who must not be named”, Sooyoung and, now, Yuri, who I can’t differentiate from other girl of the group, because they look so much alike. Seriously? Since when acting in a MV is a criteria to act in a drama, as the female lead, with one of the most proeminent young actors ? Argh, argh, don’t wanna think about it.

  3. LOL at how having MV experience is good enough to get you a LEAD role. I guess it’s actually really easy to get into the acting industry! And also, I don’t know why SNSD is considered Soo talented – I thought it rather telling that the Dream High version of Genie was better vocally than the real MV (and if that MV is representative of their acting……) The production companies should be honest and admit they are trying to get their fanbases on board…

    • Pffff…. Hahahaha, so true! I remember watching the SNSD’s version of Genie, after reading in Girlfriday’s recap about that scene in Dream High, and thinking “OMG, Dream High’s simplified version is a piece of art in front of this”.

  4. She got cast based on an MV? What in the world? Graaah, this is the sound of me chewing up my notebook at the moment. Why are they trying to stuff pop idol girls into dramas when there are actual capable actresses looking for roles! Or at least pick idols that can act – why not Eunjung, for one? She can bring the “idol” factor and she does have actual acting ability. Look, even if this Yuri kid held a person’s interest for, oh, 2 minutes in an MV, she is probably going to stink up a 16 episode drama. Neither YAI nor JGS deserve this. *Goes off in angry rant*

    • You are being very, very generous, diorama. I think 2 minutes is about half of any MV. It was probably 20 seconds tops.

      And I totally agree about at least picking idols that can act (Eun Jung is still filming Queen Insoo I think?) I still don’t understand why the hell idol-non-actors don’t just get a supporting role or something, considering the fanbases would STILL watch.

      Maybe I should just put a sticky note over she-who-must-not-be-named’s face during all her scenes in Love Rain in order to watch the show or something lol. Or they could prove us all dead wrong, I’d be very happy to eat my words.

      • Loved both of your comments and I totally agree. I’m okay with SNSD as a pop group, but once they start emerging as leads in my dramas, Imma throw a fit. It’s Yoo freaking Ah In. They need an actress that has enough charisma and experience in front of the camera to hold her own against him. Or else we’ll just be watching an one-man show.

  5. This is an insult to all the talented young actress who are struggling to find work. I mean, it’s not like SNSD is hurting for fans or revenue. Let someone else have a piece of the pie. Not to mention, don’t make dramas with my favorite leading men unwatchable!

    • Absolutely agree. These days even veteran actresses are complaining that they can’t get good TV roles. I understand that the entertainment industry is profit first, but when you compromise quality and real talent then it’s a real shame.

  6. The worse point is, they said her acting was good in a mv, but SM’s mvs are all about standing there looking pretty and dance in a white/black box. There isn’t storyline in almost all SNSD videos..

    Is all about, show your legs, look pretty, when this is considered acting??

    • I totally agree with you! Their MVs are all about looking pretty and dancing sexily… Wait not SO sexy, because the girls have to emanate a pure and cute charm, with their aegyo, despite the lenght of their shorts. The worse is that I can’t even stand watching 40 sec of those, since they can’t even sing. I think that she-who-must-not-be-named it’s the role-model of the group, because she sustain all the criterias above. *Sigh*

    • For goodness the mv that the producer was talking about is not one of SNSD’s mvs’..There was a particular mv where Yuri got a cameo and the song requires a lot of emotions and even shifting of emotion..for a newbie she did act so amazing there..she even received a lot of praises for her good acting there and even netizens said she gives emotions to the mv that make it so realistic… you don’t know enough to judge..i already watched the mv and even me got impressed on how great her acting is..

      • “ don’t know enough to judge..”

        Oh reallys now? I’ll have to disagree with that. The point is, she was chosen for consideration based on her acting in an MV and on her current superstar status. I don’t care how good her acting was in her cameo for a certain music video. How does a MV determine whether one is a good actress or not? It doesn’t, but it sure shows us how sad the entertainment industry is this days if they choose a lead actress based on her small role in a MV and not on her credentials. Can she withstand the live-shoot system to produce 16 plus hours of a drama AND be a leading lady that’s worthy of Yoo Ah In? Argue all you want, but I’m betting my money against it.

        I know that as a fan, whether you’re her fan or not, this may sound unfair, but let’s emphasize the fact that she’s a singer, not an actress. There are hundreds of prominent actresses in the industry, thousands if you include the ones in fine arts colleges and theaters, so for her to be singled out of all these other great actresses makes this casting process full of shenanigans. It may not be completely her fault that she was chosen as a candidate, and yet you can bet that she’ll be scrutinized if she does land the role. And why not? Once you make that transition from singer turned actress, then we, as Kdrama fans, have every right to judge her acting. She’s not going to get any sympathy from me if her acting sucks. She’s a star, she can handle it.

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