Day 17: A Kdrama you’ve watched more than once

There’s more than one drama that answers today’s challenge question, but one that immediately comes to mind is Full House. What, the one starring Rain and Song Hye Gyo? Yup, that’s the one! Even more shocking is the fact that I own the DVD box set and drama OST. Back when I first started watching Kdramas, Full House was responsible for tipping me over the edge, not completely, mind you, but enough for me to officially become a Kdrama addict. Up until that point I was a closet Kdrama fan, and I watched dramas sparingly.

I was so incredibly obsessed about this drama, from buying posters to CDs, to repeatedly marathoning the episodes and plastering photos of Rain on my bedroom walls. This drama was probably the first out of a plethora of dramas that involved contract marriages, and perhaps that’s what made Full House so addicting. Or maybe because I was sucked into the Rain craze. I don’t really know.

Regardless, I still don’t mind rewatching bits and pieces of it to this day. Even when it’s filled with logical fallacies and plot holes, it puts a smile on my face. Objectively, it’s a bad drama. Yet it remains a personal favorite of mine, one that has had an inexplicable hold on me, a drama that immensely gratifies on any given day.


18 thoughts on “Day 17: A Kdrama you’ve watched more than once

    • Whoa, you’ve never watched it yet? It’s a Kdrama that brought on a second Hallyu Wave! I’m not sure if it’ll be watchable in this day and age, but I still love it!

  1. Hmmm, I pretty rarely rewatch kdramas, but there are a couple:

    Coffee Prince – 3 times
    Taereung National Village – 3 times
    Bad Family – 2 times

  2. Winter Sonata – more than I can remember since my mom used to watch it all the time, to the point where I had to ebay a boxset for her so I didn’t have to borrow my friend’s copy so many darn times
    My Girl – once a year since it aired (and I didn’t even like it the first time around)
    Tamra Island & Spring Waltz – twice… I’m about to rewatch SKKS for the 2nd time too.

  3. My guilty pleasure rewatch drama is Oh My Lady. Of course, Siwon is in it (and it remains the only drama of his that I can actually stand to watch, poor boy. Hopefully that will change with Skip Beat.). But I’m also a sucker for his character’s maturation arc, and the little girl is the cutest thing on five planets. Coffee Prince is another drama that I turn on all the time. I fall asleep to it a lot, actually. (On purpose, I mean. I usually have a drama going for background noise since I can’t fall asleep in pitch black and absolute soundlessness.)

    I need to get back to mine. I think my last post in this series was in June. Which was half a year ago, yikes.

  4. Whoa, thank you all for sharing your dramas! I just thought of a few more Kdramas that I’ve watched more than once to add to the list:

    Winter Sonata, Only You, Goong, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, and You’re Beautiful. Out of all of these, I think I watched You’re Beautiful the most. Back in the day, I was obsessed with Jang Geun Seok. Not so much now, I’m afraid.

    • My 14-year-old sister is totally obsessed with You’re Beautiful, and she has been since last Christmas when I watched it with her. She refuses to watch another drama with me because she’s being responsible about not starting something that will “waste time”. How am I related to such a responsible person?

      • Haha I can totally relate. My brother hates Kdramas and refuses to be dragged down the rabbit hole with me, although I did get him to watch You’re Beautiful & My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. He says I’m wasting my life. How am I related to this person again? 😛

  5. i don’t tend to rewatch dramas because i feel like it’s a waste of time watching the same thing more than once. so it’s telling how much i loved YAB and Coffee Prince that i watched both dramas twice 🙂

  6. It’s funny, but I just finished watching Full House for the first time last week. I had a nearly fatal case of Rain fever, because if almost anyone else had been the lead I would have bailed after the first episode. Rain’s hotness (OMG the pouting!!!), the annoying/cute bickering, and the catchy OST had me going until about episode 8 or 9 when I realized I was in the midst of a terrible drama with crap writing, caricatures instead of characters, and pointless angst after pointless angst. Full House is my 30th completed kdrama since discovering kdrama in July 2010. If it had been my 2nd or third I would probably love it.

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