Day 18: The worst Kdrama that you’ve watched until the end

This definitely isn’t the worst Kdrama I ever trudged through, but it certainly’s one of the most frustrating and disappointing dramas for me in recent years. I know that it has a dedicated, loyal fan following around the world, so I hope anti-fans won’t suddenly show up on my blog, wanting to kill me. Still, I’m sorry to say that Mary Stayed Out All Night is a drama I disliked all the way through. I may have finished all 16 episodes last year, but I had to, for I was part of an online subbing team back then. Many fans claim that the chemistry between Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Seok were out of this world; I, on the other hand, beg to differ. And if you asked me, the drama’s entire plot could’ve been condensed into five episodes, tops. It might’ve been more watchable had it been five episodes, too.

I dislike this drama not because it didn’t have a good starting plot line (it did, at least for the first six episodes), but rather that it self-destructed somewhere along the way during the execution process. It loss steam early on, and was so boring that I had to fast forward through most of it by the end, not to mention that it went completely insane with its plot and characters. So when the finale finally rolled in, I was already checked out of this show.

Some Kdramas may be all show but no substance, but MSOAN’s a drama that lacked a solid foundation from the get-go. By the last few episodes, the drama had nothing meaningful to offer to its viewers, with the writing largely contributing to its downfall. Whatever it had going for it was officially lost when the drama switched writers halfway through the series.

The poor execution is all that I can really remember from MSOAN. Though the acting may have been stellar, I couldn’t enjoy it, much less reminisce it. All I can recall are the bruises I got on my forehead from my headdesking, when I tried to stay awake during the drama. Even while on fast forward.

So yup, there you have it. To be honest, I’m rather surprised that I chose MSOAN today instead of Secret Garden, especially since I still have a bone to pick with SG. And boy am I itching for a fight with that drama. Almost a year later, I still hate it so much that my blood boils every time it’s mentioned. Like now. Grrrrr!

Oh, before I forget, thanks to all of you who’ve been leaving comments on the other daily challenge questions. I love reading through all of them and seeing what you guys chose, before comparing it to my answer(s)! What I love about this 30-day Kdrama challenge is that I get a chance to reflect back on all the dramas I’ve watched and take a trip down memory lane. I love the feeling that I get when I review dramas I’ve neglected over the past few years, either rewatching a few scenes here and there or reading recaps. Then the best part’s probably choosing which drama(s) best fit the question, and then writing about it. ‘Tis fun! (And a great way to procrastinate from real life duties too! ;))

Photos  Source: Mary Stayed Out All Night’s official website


16 thoughts on “Day 18: The worst Kdrama that you’ve watched until the end

  1. Hi Dodo! For me it would have to be Boys Over Flowers, because I had watched the Japanese adaptation before (much much better), and because I saw no point in the excessive Ji Hoo-Jan Di pairing that was going on (plus Geum Jan Di just became a wimp, unlike Makino Tsukushi). In fact, when she still liked Jun Pyo and people were like “WHYYY?” I had to agree with them. I’m still confused as to why the writer deviated from the story that much.. I only finished watching because I needed to find out how the crazy hot mess would end, although in retrospect, it wasn’t worth it xD

    • Oh I agree! I thought Hana Yori Dango was MUCH better than BOF, and the acting, editing, and plot was superior in the Japanese adaptation too.

      The writer deviated from the original manga adaptation because well, she tried to turn it into a typical Kdrama, tropes and all, to appeal to the Korean masses. But obviously it ended up sucking in the end. The extension certainly didn’t help, either.

  2. Mine would have to be Invisible Parachute Agent with Eric and Han Ji Min, followed closely by Cain & Abel with So Ji Sub and Han Ji Min (again). The former was just idiotic with a senseless plot (I still have no idea what the drama wanted to tell). And the latter? Crapstatic writing that even my love for SJS and HJM didn’t help.

    • I’ve never even heard of Invisible Parachute Agent! I just remember loving Cain and Abel for So Ji Sub, but I couldn’t stand Super Plastic Face. What’s her name again? Errr…*googles* Oh, Chae Jung Ahn. Yeah, she’s had so much botox or plastic surgery, that she could barely even smile. ><" I noticed this in Coffee Prince and Queen of Reversals as well.

  3. It is Cain and Abel for me and purely for visual reasons. I liked looking at So Ji Sub so much that I actually finished that stupid drama.

    I agree that MSOAN was not good but believe me it was so much better than Cain and Abel.

    • Huh. I don’t know, I remember actually liking Cain and Abel when I watched it, but this was years ago when I didn’t wasn’t as grumpy, but easy to please. I think my enjoyment was largely because of So Ji Sub as well.

  4. The other day, my rl friend was gushing about Kim Joowon and I almost unfriended her. I’m pissed at how people think he’s the best thing since nutella.

    Mine would be Playful Kiss. I have this fangirl spasms for Kim Hyunjoong so while his acting does induce spasms in a completely different way, I saw that thing to the end. While making friends with ff button of course.

    • LOL “best thing since nutella.” Awww, I loved Playful Kiss all the way through, even though it’s objectively one of the worst dramas ever made. Just not for me. ^^”

  5. I have bones to pick with Creating Destiny. The writing’s not so terrible, the acting not so bad. But I was fuming mad I wasted all those hours on a drama that advocated xenophobia. It was absolutely ridiculous how her father was against the Aussie bf just because he wasn’t Korean. But then they sorta made it “oh it’s ok bcuz she doesn’t really like him anyway” except they made it more offensive to me by showing how touchy feely the foreigner gets and how uncomfortable she is (being a girl of Asian values and what not). Excuse me while I roll my eyes. She friggin grew up in Aus. She friggin was gonna marry this guy. Don’t friggin make him out to be the odd one.
    And then she of course fell in love w a Korean guy, which is fine. I have nothing against him being Korean. But the ending? When she flew back feom Aus to Korea with him and had a voiceover something to the effect of “I grew up here and made friends here but I’m going back to my roots aka the awesome wonderful Korea where there is no comparison.” Way to slap your surrogate country and friends in the face lady.
    Unlike Tamra Island where the girl chooses the Korean simply because she fell in love with him, CD sure made a lot of fuss over being Korean, speaking Korean, eating Korean food, living in Korea etc etc.

    • Whoa, really? I’ve never been inclined to watch Creating Destiny, but I looked at the plot synopsis and decided that it wasn’t my cup of tea. I would only watch it to see Eugene and Ki Tae young as an onscreen couple, since they just got married earlier this year.

  6. Awww, poor MSOAN. I was so crackily in love with Mae-ri and Mu-gyul, and I still am, to be honest. I finished it and I loved it for the characters, even if in the end the new writer made Mu-gyul totally unreasonable and was going to kill him off (thank goodness Jang Geun-seok argued against that ending and got it changed!). I think I loved MSOAN for what it could have been instead of what it was, because honestly it wasn’t that great. Which is such a shame, because with Moon Geun-young, Jang Geun-seok, and Kim Jae-wook as your leads, it takes some real work to mess up your drama.

    • I wanted so much to like this drama. Perhaps it’s because I had such high expectations going into MSOAN (because of the cast) that when it didn’t deliver, I was even more disappointed than usual. I know you love MSOAN a lot too. Too bad it wasn’t good enough for me and I couldn’t love it as much as I loved Playful Kiss.

  7. Haha so ironic, since my family friend that I live with has a huge poster of this drama in our room. She totally loves it. [maybe it’s more because she’s in love with JGS than anything else though..]

  8. For me there will always have this drama I think its the worse: Insoo is pretty. That drama made me get so angry and so disappointed. You could think, things will get better! The main girl will improve (not in the acting but as a character) It never get better and the end? WTF? WTF was that? I can’t even……….

    Other possible worst drama: Paradise Ranch… it was so bad.

    Marry me! Is a mess plot but I enjoyed the cute couple at least… I laughed so much looking at them, the plot? I just pretended it didn’t exist and I was fine… LOL~

    • ** the name is InSoon is pretty.

      Also, interesting you hate Secret garden!!! I also don’t like that drama. Better stay quiet because I’m afraid of SG’s fanbase. LOL

  9. for me the worst drama is MSOAN, SG, Daemul, BOF, PT, I could think another drama but maybe thats it for now.. hehehe… I actually love creating destiny, its a family drama…

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