Day 19: Your Best Actor

I only get to choose one? Screw that! My blog, my rules. It’d be highly impossible for me to choose only one “best actor” among hundreds anyway, and I’ve always been indecisive when it comes to these things.

So instead, I compiled a short list of actors that made me go, “Dang, he’s freaking gooooood.”All of these actors touched my heart with their performances in at least one of their projects or more. I chose them on a more objective basis,  and while some of those that I listed aren’t exactly my personal favorites, I do love them for their acting. They include Kim Gab Soo, Choi Soo Jong, Kim Myung Min, Park Ki Woong, Jung Il Woo, Kim Kang Woo, and Song Joong Ki.

And there you have it! Sorry I kept my answer for this particular post shorter than usual, and that I didn’t go in-depth to explain why I chose them. You’ll just have to take my answers as they come.


10 thoughts on “Day 19: Your Best Actor

  1. Kim Myung Min’s performance in White Tower. Totally out of the world. Controlled and nuanced. Subtlety at its best.

    Jung Bo Seok (Giant/Can You Hear My Heart) – this man is amazing. His performance as Bong Yeong Gyu in CYHMH – Best Performance by an actor for me this year.

    Ha Jung Woo – in everything that I’ve seen of his.

    Shin Ha Kyun – a recently FAV of mine – him performance in Brain will drown and choke you.

    Kang Dong Won (all films), Jang Hyuk (Giant), So Ji Sub (MISA/Rough Cut)…etc


  2. Ahem it’s Kang Dongwon for favorite actor but I’m not sure I can say best. He has the acting chops, but his projects haven’t been the ones that truly elevate his potential. Some other I adore are Yoon Kyesang, Song Joongki, Cha Taehyun but again when I think of “best acting” only Tony Leung’s name comes up from the five continents >_<

  3. I have a top 5 of best actors and Song Joong Ki makes the list! He was marvelous in TWDR! I soo look forward for his next drama *-*

  4. I have too many best actors to name LOL However, I clicked this topic because of the picture. Hi Song Joong Ki! He’s been my bias for years for no reason and every reason lol There are so many actors that are better actors, but he’s my personal #1 🙂

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