Kim Soo Hyun as his adorable self for Cosmopolitan Magazine

Kim Soo Hyun, please never stop being this adorable, okay? Because if you do, a little part of me will die. Despite his hectic schedule to prepare for his upcoming drama, The Moon That Embraces the Sun, Kim participated in a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan Magazine. He also gave a short interview at the shoot, where he talked about why he pursued a career in acting and his future goals.

When asked about why he began acting, he responded by saying that he initially sought to be an actor because he wanted to branch out from his introverted self. However, he decided to ultimately seek a career in acting because it brought him a sense of overwhelming joy. He recalled back to his childhood, when he acted in a theatrical play and heard the sound of the audience’s applause. Hearing the audience applaud him brought on a kind of happiness he wanted to last forever.

Ever since starring in Dream High, he’s been training himself in his acting through new projects such as the movie The Professionals and the upcoming drama with MBC. He hopes to be satisfied with his acting by the age of 30, and another one of his life’s goals is to be in a passionate, burning relationship with someone else. Preferably me, though that’s not mentioned in the interview.

This one’s probably my favorite out of the three, because his unique individuality really shines through. Seeing him make such a funny, wacky facial expression immediately puts a smile on my face. Gotta love the hair, dude.

You’ll find Kim Soo Hyun back on your small screens January 4, 2012.

Photos Source: TV Report


14 thoughts on “Kim Soo Hyun as his adorable self for Cosmopolitan Magazine

  1. Yay! Kim Soo-hyun! He looks pretty yummy in his kingly robes – I’m looking forward to MoonEmbraceSunStarlight or whatever it is. ^_^

  2. *___* KSH!!!!!! I became a fan so quickly after starting to watch Dream High it was almost ridiculous. I hadn’t seen the middle picture before but it’s the best!!

    Also, I’ve heard around the interwebz that it’ll be 6 eps before KSH shows up on the Moon that Embraces the Sun?? Please tell me that’s not true, although I’m more than willing to wait 😥

    • Well, it most likely will be around 6 episodes that we finally get to see him, because they’ll be introducing the characters through their childhood years first, and then lead up to the adult portion. I remember The Duo didn’t introduce the adult actors until nearly episode 9, but because MoonSun is scheduled to be 20 episodes long (for now), they’ll probably introduce the adults earlier.

  3. “another one of his life’s goals is to be in a passionate, burning relationship with someone else. Preferably me, though that’s not mentioned in the interview.”
    LOL. I choked on my noodles reading that.
    Kim Soo Hyun had me at Dream High. Can’t wait for MoonSun. Though I’m still praying (in vain) for Han Ga In to be replaced by another actress. Preferably Moon Geun young. Gahh, if only MGY had agreed to play this role…her and KSH, if they were ever paired up I’d die of happiness.

    • I’m not a huge fan of Han Ga In either, but I’m very curious as to how the noona-dongsaeng romance will play out. Let’s just hope she and Kim Soo Hyun have romantic chemistry with each other. Or that Kim Soo Hyun & Jung Il Woo have lots of bromance scenes if they don’t.

  4. Thank God he is older than me. Love his acting, love his persona and I’m currently loving his character in Giant. He even beat Uhm Tae Woong as the most beloved one in my k-heart.

    And, OMG, the guy have beatiful lips. *sigh*

    • I hear he’s freaking fantastic in Giant! Pfft, I thought Uhm Tae Woong was THE #1 man in your heart, but now it’s Kim Soo Hyun? You had a quick change of heart. 😛

      • Nooo, I didn’t! The thing is, my k-heat/K-HEART is also divided by an age rate you know.. KSH, is in the 20’s. Hahaha, and he is my 1º in everything, BUT you’ll never guess how big my heart is, ’cause there’s always a place for Song Joong Ki, Kim Gab Soo, UTW, Park Yong Woo… Now, I seem greedy, need to stop the counting here 😡

  5. He wants a burning, passionate relationship. I can definitely give that to him. Come here Kim Soo Hyun! :):):):) lololol I love the second picture also. The face expression definitely made me smile. *savesavesave* Thank you for the photos!

    I always thought he was an adorable face since Kimchi Cheese, but it wasn’t until Will it Snow for Christmas and Giant that I really took notice of him. Giant is the reason I added him to by ever growing list of “Actors I adore and would not mind on my screen (or in real life heh) 24/7”.

    I hope Moon Sun Embrace thing is good because it’ll be the first one he is the lead for (not counting Dream High lol).

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