Day 20: Your Best Actress

This one was much easier than yesterday’s challenge question, and I do think that there’s one actress that beats all, at least in all of the dramas I’ve seen her in. The best actress for me is Go Hyun Jung. She’s one of those actresses who shines in all her projects, someone who leaves behind a lasting impression with her onscreen charisma.

She really killed it as Mi Shil in Queen Seon Deok, and while I didn’t finish that drama, she gave me goosebumps and nightmares whenever she pierced the screen with her gaze. Her outwardly calm demeanor was always deceiving and concealed her evilness. Her words were sharper than any sword, and with one command, almost had the control of the entire kingdom.

I also loved her in What’s Up, Fox? because she was a woman that I could relate to. More thoughts of mine about her character in this post.

Close behind her for “best actress” include Lee Mi Sook, Moon Geun Young, and Ha Ji Won. These ladies are all awesome. Combined, they’re sensational.


8 thoughts on “Day 20: Your Best Actress

  1. One of these days I will have to check out Queen Seondeok simply for her. I’ve just heard so many raves.

    For me, absolutely Moon Geun Young. I’ve seen her as a crossdressing Joseon painter, a prickly wounded abused teenager, a fluffy little rom-com cutie, and a boho-hippie heroine. Each time she has knocked me out. I don’t think there’s a role that she can’t do, plus she seems to be intelligent, hardworking, and multitalented. Love Ha Ji Won too, just because she’s so kickass and cool but yet remains down-to-earth.

    My list stretches even further: Gong Hyo Jin, Jung So Min, Kim Byul, Kim Ha Eun…all of these ladies are super talented. I confess I’m drawn toward the young up-and-comers simply because I enjoy watching them get better with each project 🙂

    • Hey diorama,

      Thanks for sharing! I don’t think you should actually finish QSD because it’s SO long, but only if you like it! I’m a big fan of every actress you listed except for Kim Byul, because I have no idea who she is. Never watched her works.

      • Not surprised you haven’t heard of Kim Byul. She hasn’t done a lot of projects and the ones she’s done are very low-profile. But if you watch Taereung National Village, you’ll get it. 🙂

  2. Moon Geunyoung for me. I’ve watched her since so long ago and while half of her projects aren’t in my favorite list, all of her performances have been solid. I think her best role yet was from Painter in the Wind. I never finished that one, but holy cow I got chills everytime she interacted with Moon Chaewon. All that drunken pain and chemistry and gravitation. It’s amazing how she sets you on edge waiting to see which way those feelings would spill.

  3. maybe she’s good in QSD and Whats up FOX (I love her in That drama), but she’s terrible in Daemul, I stop watching that drama after a while, love every Lee so kyung scene. And I think Go hyun jung acting is boring there, don’t know why, maybe its the character itself make her a boring woman there.

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