Take a look at the crapload of photo stills from The Moon That Embraces The Sun

With only two weeks left until it’s premiere (Eeee!), The Moon That Embraces The Sun held a prayer ceremony today to wish success and a safe production process for this drama. I had to pinch myself when I looked at the calendar and saw that we’re only a few days away from the end of the year! Time flies every year, it seems. Warning: This is a picspam post of the cast from the drama. It’s not too spoilery, so I encourage you to venture on!

Photos from the Prayer Ceremony today:

Now, introducing the child actors of MoonSun:

He’s such a cutie! This is Yeo Jin Goo, and he plays the child version of Kim Soo Hyun‘s Lee Hwon, our main character. (The two boys are pictured below.) It’s funny that Yeo is playing Kim’s younger self in this drama, because they both acted as child actors in the drama Giant. Lee Hwon is described to be a “kind, caring person,” but he completely changes after he’s told that his betrothed, Yeon Woo, is killed. However, years after her death, he later on meets and falls in love with Wol, who reminds him of Yeon Woo. She changes him for the better as the two fall in love.

Lee Min Ho (yikes, he needs a name change), plays Prince Yang Myung, Jung Il Woo’s younger character in this drama. He’s Lee Hwon’s older half-brother, and he also falls in love with Wol.

Here’s actor Si Wan (not Siwon!), who plays the child role of Yeom, Wol’s older brother.

Switching over to the young ladies of MoonSun, which are…

Kim Yoo Jung is certainly growing up, year by year. She plays young Wol/Yeon Woo, also Han Ga In‘s character. Her character is saved by a female shaman early on in the drama, after she was plotted against and supposedly murdered by others who were afraid of her. She was betrothed to Lee Hwon as Yeon Woo in the early years of her life, and after her “death,” runs into him again, this time as Wol.

Child actress Jin Ji Hee plays Princess Min Hwa, who later marries Yeom. She’s one of the people involved in the plot to kill Yeon Woo.

Kim So Hyun plays Yoon Bo Kyung, a woman who tries to gain Lee Hwon’s heart after Yeon Woo’s “death.”

More photos from the set!

Some early bromance in the childhood portion? Bring it on, Show! I’m a sucker for bromances. Can’t live without ’em!

So cute. I’m rooting for these two already!

I couldn’t resist adding some photos of Kim Soo Hyun at a press conference. He was just too irresistible not to post about!


I’m super psyched to watch the first episode of MoonSun. I need this drama NOW! The only question is, can I stand all the cuteness from the childhood actors in the beginning parts of the drama, or the hotness that oozes from the adults in the latter story? There’s only one way to know. Too bad I’ll have to wait until January 4th to find out!

Photo Source: MoonSun’s Official Website

Info from soompi


6 thoughts on “Take a look at the crapload of photo stills from The Moon That Embraces The Sun

  1. Kyaa~! Thank you Dodo!! 😀 I can’t wait for this drama either, and I like the idea of falling in love with the same person twice. I don’t know too much about the book source, but I hope they mostly stick to it if it was successful. MoonSun fighting!

  2. I’m so excited for this and really hope that it doesn’t sucks. Yeo Jin Goo and KSH played brothers in Giant, and I loooved their performances in it! Kim Yoo Jung stole my heart in FOA and she certainly is growing up beautifully.
    *Starts to download all KSH photos*

  3. It’s hard for me to believe that Kim Soo-hyun is only a year younger than me. He looks 17 in photos, not 24. It looks like the cast has good chemistry together, which bodes well for the drama. Here’s hoping it’s well-written and fun. ^_^ And that Han Ga-in doesn’t look like she’s Kim Soo-hyun’s aunt instead of his lover.

    • I know, he looks so young! I wonder if he’ll be given fake facial hair, so that he at least looks “manly.” I’m also hoping that he’ll have chemistry with Han Ga In as well, or else it won’t be a romantic pairing anyone can really root for.

  4. Aiiieee, those kids are adorable. Esp Kim Yoo Jung, who I know will knock out a great performance.

    I can’t wait to see Kim Soo Hyun though. Now to hope that Han Ga In will fit her character. She’s only three years older than Kim (27 to his 24) but since he looks way younger than his age, the pairing makes me nervous.

  5. I recognize all the child actors and am pretty excited for the childhood portion. If the childhood portion is as good as Giant’s was (<3) then I can wait patiently for the adult portion (but not too long… ). I am also shipping Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Yoo Jung. They look adorable together heh Also, Kim Soo Hyun looks SUPER FINE especially in the last couple pictures 🙂 I love his smile. I'm just wondering where the other leads are though lol Oh, and I still can't seem to imagine Han Ga In in this role… please prove me wrong Mrs. Han Ga In!

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