Day 21: Your Worst Actor

Muahaha. I enjoyed answering this question very much because it might make some fangirls extremely unhappy. Let me give you a few hints and reasons as to why I chose him.

For starters, he’s the lead singer of a Kpop band, but recently released his own solo album. He’s the lead in one of my favorite guilty pleasure dramas of all time. I think his current nose is too big for his face and actually prefer his previous plastic nose to his new one. I used to mistake him as the Asian Michael Jackson. He can’t play the violin, as can be seen in his drama, Boys Over Flowers.

Oh, and he’s like a robot when it comes to acting. Perhaps it’s all the plastic surgery and botox he got on his face, because he doesn’t emote very well. Either that, or because he’s just a naturally bad actor. Even his million dollar smile, which occasionally does things to my heart, doesn’t dissuade me from declaring him as one of the worst actors I’ve ever seen. And one last thing: He’s more attractive (to me, at least) when he sports wavy hair.

(I didn’t count other idol actors because some of their dramas I’ve never bothered watching.)

His name? Kim. Hyun. Joong.

He might not be THE worst actor ever, but as one of the male leads in two dramas that I’ve seen, he’s at the top of the list. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate him. On the contrary, I rather like him. Sometimes a bit too much for my own good. Still, I can’t deny that he’s not a very good actor, and that he should probably stick to his singing career for the rest of his life.

I blame Bae Yong Joon, his mentor. Stop turning him into you, Yonsama!

Yeah… wavy > straight her on Kim Hyun Joong.

Photo Source: Boys Over Flowers’s and Playful Kiss’s Official Website


21 thoughts on “Day 21: Your Worst Actor

  1. Bahahaha!! I loved his Baek Seung Jo ! Playful kiss was my first k-drama so maybe that’s why I”m a lot more easy going about his acting than many others. I feel the way you do about Changmin fwho was the lead in Paradise Ranch. Hands down the WORST.ACTING.JOB. I’ve seen to-date, I guess now that I’ve seen 150+ dramas, I’m not as forgiving as I used to be when PK had first come out 🙂

    • I’ve heard about Changmin’s bad acting in Paradise Ranch. And it’s probably a lot worse than Kim Hyun Joong’s. But I’ve never watched PR so I couldn’t compare. Don’t have the time. Wow, even in my six years of Kdrama watching (almost 7 now!), I haven’t reached 100 dramas yet. But I’m getting there! 🙂

      • It’s an addicition – watching one or more dramas per week 🙂 Sleep is definitely not longer a priority (apparently I can function on 3-4 hours of sleep a night 🙂 ) But I am reaching a saturation point…

        Changmin’s “acting” was not even a joke – it was a punishment to watch. To this day, I want to rip my eyes out for being stupid enough to sit through the entire series!

  2. Maybe you should watch Yunho ( Leader of DBSK ) in Heading to the ground. He is the worst actor I have ever seen. So is Lee Sung gi. I watch the Gumiho, too much facial expression and I end up having a migraine headache. I have to take aspirin after 2 episodes.

    • Awww I love My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Lee Seung Gi did overact in the first couple episodes, but then toned it down enough for me when he got into character. I heard about Yunho’s bad acting in Heading to the Ground, but like I said in the post above, I don’t bother watching a lot of dramas when their leads are idol singers. LIFE’S TOO SHORT FOR BAD DRAMAS!

  3. THAT was a good one. Puahahaha!!! I have not seen PK, mainly because I was disappointed with his wooden acting on BOF when I so liked his character from the Japanese version. Butfrim the few peeks I had of PK, I definitely liked him more with wavy hair. Quantity of waves = Degree of liveliness? Yes??? ~.<

    • I’d actually recommend PK. It’s not for everyone, as all dramas are, but some people can really relate to the love story. It’s objectively a horrible drama, but it tugged at my heartstrings so I love it!

      • I know you do. ^^ The moment I saw the Worst Actor caption, I was guessing it’d be KHJ. Will get to PK though, just cos I’m now curious to see if it’ll do anything for me. Now I’m curious as well to find out just how many k-dramas I’ve watched over the past 7 years. Brings back fond memories of conversations with my mom as she was trying to get me to watch k-dramas. And the conversations we had when we were watching the same dramas. Those were the days…

        Merry Xmas to you and yours, Dodo. ^^

  4. Oh, I guessed right from the first hint! Hahaahaha, he must be from the group “as expressionless as Kristen Stewart”, poor boy… And just to let you know, his singing is plainly bad. I just can’t find a place where he can excels in showbusiness.

    • no one can please everybody, so you are the one of them.
      i hope that you really watch khj’s drama and hear him singing and maybe one day you might give a fair and more positive command.

      • Haha, if he produce something better than his Lucky album I’ll be really glad to hear. And just to be fair enough I already watched a lot of his performances live and the guy still didn’t make me move a muscle. The same goes for his acting, if he gets any better in his next project with Lee Jun Jae, and just doesn’t get overshadowed by the amazing acting of his hyung, I’ll be really glad to praise him. For now, he is just a “no”, to me.

  5. His smile does things to my heart too 😛
    I nominate Yunho and Changmin although I wouldn’t even call them actors to begin with. Yunho tries really hard but his effort is precisely what makes him campy. Changmin I love to death and I still couldn’t handle his glaring eyes.

  6. I agree that kim hyun joong is one of the worst actors ever, though he is also one of the goodlooking korean actor/singer, all he’s got going is his goodlooks coz he is not even a good singer, i think he was at his handsomest moment was when he was playing ji hoo in BOF and his best acting was in the reality show we got married, he should stick to reality shows wherein he could be himself and can make people laugh and not cringe at his bad acting.

  7. To Dodo Bell Jar,
    I happen to pass by searching for something I can read about Kim Hyun Joong & I happen to read your write up. May I ask why do you write something about an artist you obviously dislike? May I ask whom do you idolize? Since you gave this space for anyone who would like to comment on your write up, I assume I’m given the freedom to say what I want. Please justify your criticism about KHJ. Thanks.

    • Hi LazerKim,

      You’re most definitely welcome to say whatever the heck you want on this blog, as long as it’s not vulgar or too offensive for me and my readers.

      If you had read my entire write-up AND understood that why I wrote it, then you probably wouldn’t be whining about why I chose Kim Hyun Joong as my worst actor. I thought I made myself pretty clear that he’s NOT the worst actor EVER, but he IS a bad actor. Out of the many who’ve been reading this post, only you’ve been offended.

      First off, this is a 30-day Kdrama challenge based on my own goddarn opinion. Readers can chime in and comment on who they would’ve chosen for each daily challenge, and their opinions are bound to differ from mine, since we all have our own different Kdrama experiences and preferences.

      “May I ask why do you write something about an artist you obviously dislike?”

      On the contrary, you’re very much mistaken. (Probably because you only bothered to read this post and none of my previous Kim Hyun Joong-related posts.) Readers of mine know that I actually really like Kim Hyun Joong, and that I’m thisclose to being a fan. His last drama, Playful Kiss, is one of my favorite dramas of all time. I even wrote it in this post that I like him a lot. That being said, I still think he’s a bad actor. Just because I like him doesn’t mean I can’t sit back and judge him objectively. If you’ve watched hundreds of dramas and movies as I have, though not all of them Korean, it becomes easy to tell who’s good at acting and who’s not. I can’t help but compare him to people that are natural at acting, so natural that you even forget that they’re actors. I won’t give you my personal definition of a bad actor, but a good actor is someone who embodies a character so that they feel real, and they become one with their character. They breathe life into them so that they become relatable to the viewer.

      For me, Kim Hyun Joong did none of that. When he acts, you can tell that he’s just acting. His co-star Jung So Min, on the other hand, became Oh Ha Ni. I cried with her, laughed with her, and cheered her on throughout the entire drama. Kim Hyun Joong had brief moments where he improved and I could see him as Baek Seung Ho, but those moments were fleeting, for he soon reverted back to his I’m-trying-so-hard-to-be-an-actor-that-I-look-constipated.

      “May I ask whom do you idolize?”
      Definition: (based on
      1. to regard with blind adoration, devotion, etc.
      2. to worship as a god.

      Um, based on either definition, I don’t idolize anyone. I have my personal favorite actors and actresses, some of them which I claim to MINE, but I don’t idolize them. Because I don’t think love is blind, or should be blind.

      • Hi Dodo Bell Jar….Thank you for responding, i’m actually a new fan of KHJ, and it’s my first time to visit your blog. Now I understand what you mean. As for me, the guy has to start somewhere and I’m giving that space for him to develop as he always wanted to.
        Anyway, I’ll visit you again, please do keep up with what you’re doing, I do appreciate anything that I can read about him because I want to know him better. Thanks again, happy New Year!!! God bless.

  8. True, to a certain degree. But he has such charisma that even if he just stands there and not act, i would still enjoy watching. So to rate his acting, there are far worse actors/actresses than him after watching many korean dramas.

  9. True, to a certain degree. But he has such charisma that even if he just stands there and not act, i would still enjoy watching. There certainly are far worse actors/actresses than him after watching many korean dramas.

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