Salaryman releases 17 minute preview of highlighted scenes

Oh my gosh you guys, this drama is not turning out to be what I expected at all, albeit in a good way. I’m hoping that the drama will be just as wacky and fun as this preview was, because I spent the last 17 minutes enjoying every minute of it. I understood little to nothing of what was going on aside from the obvious, which included a part where Jung Ryeo Won yells in English, “You’re f-cking fired!” Yeah, shocking! But epicly hilarious.

I think I’m in love with this drama already. I initially had my own misgivings about it, but I’ve settled for the fact that they’re not trying to go all melodramatic on us. I still have no idea what’s up with all the characters. Secret spy missions? Kicking men in the area where it really hurts? Fire explosions? Dancing on a golf course when the sprinklers turn on? Things are bound to be interesting next year.

Take a look at the highlighted scenes:


Speaking of love, I love Hong Soo Hyun. She’s gorgeous. The end.

Is it possible to MINE her? Because I really, really want to.

The next few stills feature Jung Ryeo Won with MBLAQ singer, Lee Joon, who makes a cameo appearance in the early episodes of the drama. He plays Jung’s idol boyfriend, and in this scene, she breaks up with him. I love how they’re taking selcas of themselves in between shoots, with the camera still rolling. Adorable

That’s all I’ve got of History of the Salaryman for now. January 2nd, get ready to blows us away because here we come!

Photo Credits: History of the Salaryman’s Official Website


3 thoughts on “Salaryman releases 17 minute preview of highlighted scenes

  1. I had no interest whatsoever in this drama until the fantastically awesome MV…. Now I am really curious, although I can’t watch it when it airs, but if it’s as good as it looks like it’ll be — marathon time! Lol I bet the ratings will be really high on the first episode as people try to figure what it’s actually about šŸ˜›

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