Day 22: Your Worst Actress

There are a few actresses that I think are consistently bad at acting, though they always have a few fleeting moments where they prove me wrong. But maybe it’s the combination of bad projects and mediocre acting that makes them a bad actress. Either way, I’m allergic to the following three people, although I’m not as allergic to the first two as I am to the last actress I listed. 

Kim Jung Eun – I first saw her in Lovers in Paris, and I hated her character. I hated the drama and everything about it. Lovers in Paris was the second Korean drama I ever watched, so my standards were very low back then. All I ever expected in Lovers in Paris was for the drama to entertain me. Instead, it was an aggravating, torturous ride. The writing for the drama went completely ballistic and WTF for the majority of the series, so you can’t blame me that I sneezed whenever Kim Jung Eun (and Park Shin Yang) came on screen. However, she was much improved in I Am Legend, because she toned down her acting and her shrilly meter, so there’s hope for her. I’m still allergic to her in her other dramas, though, so I can’t watch them if she’s in it.

Kim Tae Hee – If anything, I think she’s better in rom-coms than in melos. I couldn’t stand her in Stairway to Heaven, then in Love Story in Harvard, and thought she was the most wooden and over-the-top actress ever, albeit one of the best tear shedders I’ve ever seen. (I personally think Choi Ji Woo’s the Queen of Tears. That woman can cry a river.) I rather enjoyed her in this year’s  My Princess, even if the drama was so sugary it almost gave me a toothache.

Lee Jia – We just don’t get along, she and I.  I was allergic to her from the start of Beethoven’s Virus, where she overacted and underacted. She wasn’t too bad in Athena, but I still had to fast forward through all her scenes, before dropping the drama altogether due to the bad writing. One of the reasons she’s a bad actress is because she portrays no emotions whatsoever. It’s mostly her eyes that do the work, not the muscles on her face, if she has any left. And that freaks me out to no end. Her blank expressions in the first episode of Me Too, Flower rubbed me in the wrong way. I’ve heard that starting with episode 8, the drama really picks up, but halfway through episode 1, I had to drop it. All because of Lee Jia. No matter how good that Baker King kid is, I’m not going to sit through eight hours of her just to see it. Unless a miracle comes along and somehow I can get over her.


4 thoughts on “Day 22: Your Worst Actress

  1. Merry Christimas / Happy Holidays, Dodo!

    I don’t really have a worst actress (or actor for that matter), but I do have to say that Gu Hye Sun really annoyed me in BOF for almost single-handedly ruining Makino’s character. Maybe I should give her another chance, though…

  2. I have to agree with Kim Jungeun. All because I’m allergic to wide-eyed acting and she’s like the grandmother of wide-eye actresses. There are plenty others who overuse this technique but that I find might be a directing thing since it’s not consistently excessive across different projects. Han Hyojoo was alright when she first started, then progressively got worse popping those eyes in Brilliant Legacy and Dong Yi. Park Minyoung too progressively goes from naturally sweet to excessive deer-caught-in-lights. It’s definitely a KJE trademark though. That and the thing she does with her mouth.
    For awful (but not grating) I’d say Go Ara. Comletely devoid of emotion whether it’s facial expression or voice intonation.

  3. Yeahh agree with all those lists but its trus you have to add Go Hye sun to your list, since I drop BOF because I can’t stand her.. I rather watch Meteor Garden (Taiwanese version) and Hana Yori Dango ( japanese version) rather than Korean version, all because of the leading lady is very annoying, and I even love Lee min ho, so sad…

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