The Uhm siblings pose separately for Harper’s Bazaar

I never thought that I would find smoking somewhat attractive, and while I still find the habit repulsive, Uhm Tae Woong somehow makes it work for this photo shoot. Sorta. I really adore his hair, especially when it’s all tousled up like that. I wants to touch it and play with it. Must…resist!

I plan to watch either Resurrection or Mawang before my Christmas break ends, just to see why Uhm Tae Woong’s so awesome as an actor. I’ve only watched him in Dr. Champ and bits of Queen Seon Deok, and his characters were both unimpressionable. So I’m looking forward to finishing something of his where he’s incredible. And you guys can be sure say, “I told you so!” before I’m even finished with either dramas.

At the KBS Entertainment Awards a few nights ago, Uhm Tae Woong won the Greatest Entertainer Award and, along with the rest of his 1 Night 2 Days comrades, won the biggest award of the night, KBS’s Grand Award. I don’t watch variety shows because I don’t have time. If I did, I’d be watching 1N2D on weekends too.

For fans of Uhm Tae Woong, his upcoming movie, Never Ending Story, hits theaters next month, where he plays a terminally ill patient with Jung Ryeo Won.

It’s hard to believe she’s 42 when she’s still smoking hot. Uhm Tae Woong’s older sister, Uhm Jung Hwa also posed for January’s edition of Harper’s Bazaar, showing off her legs and her seductive charm in this shoot. Well, she’s not a glamorous sex goddess for nothing. I’m rather fond of Uhm Jung Hwa because she charismatic, and this is all the more evident from her photo shoots. Because she has screen presence, I even liked her in that horrible drama called The Man Who Can’t Get Married, though I don’t think she quite has the acting chops on par with her younger brother.

I wish they posed for Harper’s together because I love it when celebrity siblings are paired up together for projects, CFs, or photo shoots. Even though both Uhm siblings posed separately for this edition of Harper’s, I’ve seen them do CFs together and they’re a hoot. They’re such a gorgeous pair. Love ’em!

Photo Source: Naver


7 thoughts on “The Uhm siblings pose separately for Harper’s Bazaar

  1. Yum yum 🙂 I do think Uhm Tae Woong does tend to get slightly overrated…? The only projects in which he was really good were Mawang and maybe the second half of Resurrection. In most of the others, he was good but not great. I’ve watched bits of him on 1N2D, though, and he’s such a lovable dork – funny how he always ends up playing the straight cold leading man types. I’d love to see him play someone boyish and awkward, more like his real life personality.

    But yes, I do wish he and his noona had done the photoshoot together. That would have been awesome.

    • Oooh, you’re the first to say that UTW’s overrated because the rest of my drama friends wub him to death! (And still haven’t really forgiven me for choosing JIW over him.)

      I watched one ep of 1N2D and yeah, he’s so adorbs! Now I need to watch Mawang or Resurrection to really see what he’s about. So did you like Mawang better than Resurrection, then?

      • I did, actually, because Resurrection was more of a straight revenge drama: Uhm Tae Woong’s main character takes the place of his dead twin brother to exact revenge, gradually laying a net around his victims, etc. It was pretty good, but it wasn’t very original. Mawang, on the other hand, is much more gray in terms of morality – the ‘bad guy’ lays an elaborate trap to ensnare the ‘good’ one, only it’s his revenge for a crime the ‘good’ one committed years ago. What makes it is the way the writers weave in all those references to Dante and Rodin, and add in this psychological/fantasy bent with Shin Mina’s character. In the end you can’t even tell who was supposed to be good or evil.

        Haha, yes, I really like his real life personality but I can’t see the hype over his acting. I mean he’s good, but he’s never really been fantastic in anything, although I think Mawang comes close.

  2. I have seen and loved Resurrection and it was enough to convert me to Uhm Tae Woong’s acting. I really liked that drama and UTW was great as the lead character. The premise seems very out there but UTW totally sells it to you right away. And I liked the writing in that one. I never hear about this drama in blogs but it is indeed very very good.
    I really would like to watch Mawang sometime too.

    And I completely agree with this post as far as Uhm Jung Hwa’s charms are concerned. There is something very sexy about her and I also like her acting. It is just that she doesn’t choose very good projects. I guess she is more into singing than acting no?

  3. i’ve seen mawang and i’d like to say that uhm tae woong was so awesome in there. my god he was sooo good playing the conflicted and remorseful detective slash ex-murderer. but i must say, in that drama, JOO JI HOON owned it, most especially in the last two scenes. it had me bursting to tears because it was just so powerful and so epic (i know many people use this word and i think it’s cliche but i really do mean it. if you watched the entire mawang series and reached the ending you’ll totally get what i’m trying to say. haha. ma wang is now my number 1 drama. i still have to watch other korean dramas with stellar quality (e.g. white tower) to see if i can find something even better. i mean, mawang is in itself a masterpiece. once you’ve fallen in love with a drama like that, you inevitably develop extremely high standards and other “popular” dramas become so mediocre compared to it.

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