Day 23: Your Best Couple

I’ll keep this uber short: Jang Geun Seok and Park Shin Hye as Hwang Tae Kyung and Go Mi Nam. Pig-rabbits FTW! Need I say more?


7 thoughts on “Day 23: Your Best Couple

  1. I totally loved this couple back in the day. Even felt horribly guilty while watching Heartstrings, which has Mi Nam and Shin Woo reunited 🙂 My favorite this year would be Vampire Prosecutor’s couple: Mr. Sexy Vamp Min Tae Yeon and his sharp young partner Yoo Jung In. Those two together are just simmering tension all the time – I ship them so hard, and by this stage they’ve barely touched. I can’t wait for season 2.

  2. This couple is the least thing I enjoyed from YB to be honest. She’s just too dim and too much of a doormat for me to have any respect for her as a character. And that whole “I give you permission to like me” only makes it worse. On top of that I didn’t detect any chemistry despite them being great actors.
    I vote for the other Hong Sisters couple Yoorin and Gongchan, the Spring Waltz couple, and Taehee-Jaeun couple from Ojakgyo.

    • taehee and jaeun me current fav!!!! lol majunaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      aww his stare does it allllllll n his dimples!! ;p *blushin*

  3. Gong Chan and his girl, Yoo Rin in My Girl <3333 forever best OTP for me.
    Dong Joo and Woori of CYHMH following closely behind 🙂

  4. goo eun chan and sajagnim all the way… coffe prince…. gawd knws wat i’ll do to be that mad in love ;D…. they were jus sooooo involved kekeke..i need to stop!!
    n there r many more but they are the very ones that pooped in my head!!!

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