Day 24: Your Worst Couple

My definition of a bad couple is two people who have no romantic onscreen chemistry with each other at all. That being said, I nominate Chuno’s Un Nyun (Lee Da Hae) and Tae Ha (Oh Ji Ho). I’m not going to start a fire by saying anything bad about either Lee Da Hae or Oh Ji Ho, but I will say that these two just had no chemistry whatsoever. I also couldn’t really ship them, since it’s not like they truly loved each other. Poor, poor Dae Gil.


8 thoughts on “Day 24: Your Worst Couple

  1. Haha, you better not. Cos I’m gonna BURN YOU! And Dae Gil’s gonna cut your throat! LOL

    My worst would be Jae Hee and Han Ga In in Witch Amusement. The drama gave me a HUGE headache. Couldn’t root for the OTP, and worse, I love Jae Hee so much but hated his character SO MUCH in there.

  2. I think it was mainly because of Oh Ji Ho’s wooden face, not that Lee Da Hae was trying either. I mean, both of them looked like crackers next to Jang Hyuk.

    Erm, for me, it’s going to be Uhm Tae Woong and Han Ji Min in Resurrection. They were the usual adopted-siblings-in-love, except that they had sibling chemistry, not romantic. They were totally believable and cute as an oppa and his dongsaeng, but every time they kissed, it was like watching siblings kiss…ewww. Too bad that Uhm Tae Woong had lots of great chemistry with the second female lead. I was shipping them, but of course they didn’t end up together.

  3. Well, the problem was the leading girl… she looked dead with both main guys so I didn’t really ahd a problemt o ship them.

    My problem was with Han Ga In and Kim Nam Gl in Bad Guy… Both had more chemistry with second guy/girl..

    • i am soo with you. if only that had choosen sum1 else instead of han ga in… it was one of the best revenge/ melo i have ever seen!!! miss namgil oppa ….

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