Day 25: Your First Kdrama

So sorry for the lack of updates this week and for suddenly going MIA on all of y’all. I was at a conference and it wasn’t until I got there that I found out that I wouldn’t have internet access for a few days. Should’ve checked ahead of time. My bad!

They say that a child learns from their parents. So yes, I blame mine for introducing me to Korean dramas, and for contributing to all the hours I’ve spent watching, analyzing, and writing about them for years.

My very first Korean drama was Dae Jang Geum. To this day, I still remember my father popping in the DVD (which our neighbor had lent to us) on our old school television, and asking, “Daddy, what are you watching?” Little did I know that from that moment on, my life would be forever changed, that I’d be sucked into a world that was not only addicting, but a world that could pierce my heart and soul.

Although I haven’t rewatched Dae Jang Geum after completing all 54 episodes the first time around, it’s a drama that I’m still quite fond of today. Some say it’s overrated and a crappy, over-the-top show. And it probably is. However, it holds a special place in my heart for its compelling story about a woman (Lee Young Ae) that rose above the caste system in ancient Joseon to become the King’s royal physician. She. kicked. butt. Not only in wits but in skill.

I suppose it was a bit aggravating for other viewers to find that she was a genius in almost everything, but I rooted for her from beginning to end. I love that she exceeded expectations in her society and was rather atypical; a strong, modern female that sharply contrasted with other women of her time. I didn’t watch it for the love story, especially since I thought Ji Jin Hee looked pretty constipated most of the time, but for Lee Young Ae, who was wonderful in her performance as Jang Geum.

Photos from MBC and naver


8 thoughts on “Day 25: Your First Kdrama

  1. You’re lucky to have all those years of kdrama watching behind you! I have a huge list of older dramas that I have to finish off. My first drama was Goong about two or three years ago. Loved it to absolute bits, and like you said, I’ll always have a soft spot for it regardless of the fact that I wouldn’t watch it again today. It also has me following all of Yoon Eun Hye’s and Joo Ji Hoon’s projects even today.

    • Hahaha I don’t know if I count myself lucky to have watched Kdramas for seven years now. But I guess so! Ooooh Goong was your first drama? I own the DVD box set to that series as well! I also have rewatched it many times, even though I fast forward through all the boring scenes. I did love YEH & JJH’s budding onscreen romance. T’was adorable.

    • DANNNNNNNGGG girl, you’ve been watching Kdramas for almost 13 years? I’ve never even heard of Goodbye My Love so it must be an oldie. Was it good? 🙂

  2. Mine was Dae Jang Geum, thanks to my Mom who discovered k-dramas when she went to visit my sister in the US. I had refused to watch in the beginning, but my Mom kept updating me each episode she’d watched. Curiosity eventually snagged this cat and the rest was history. I won’t ever watch DJG again simply because of the length of it. Too many other to-watch dramas on my list.

    Happy New Year!!! ^^

  3. lol mine started off with the greatest inventions being youtube n the days were all the dramas were available with eng sub!! ;)… i amthe same me ma surfed for dramas to watch n sumhow she ended up watching a chinese period ‘dragon love ‘… seeing her sore her arse in front of the laptop jus took me by suprising n ended up with me joinin her in this so called dramaland….. i rememba havin watched the final ep..the recommended video was none other that GOONG and hell i am K-drama addict since!!…..this was 4 years ago..i think!!!;P

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